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"Taiji Bowl" Slide Settles in Hubei Huaxia Atlantis Water Park


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2020 --Super water slide "Taiji Bowl", a star product of the Dalang group, will be built in Huaxia Atlantis water park in Xiantao, Hubei Province recently. Residents in Hubei province are looking forward to it!
Huaxia Atlantis water park is a unique compound theme park with land and water park in Central China, combining the unique charm of China and the West and crossing between ancient and modern times. The project covers an area of nearly 200 thousand square meters, totaling 1.3 billion yuan, of which 800 million yuan is invested in the first phase. According to the climate characteristics and people's preferences, the water and land area of Atlantis water park in Hubei province is set reasonably: 80% for water projects and 20% for land projects.

Huaxia Atlantis water park has introduced advanced amusement facilities, made every effort to improve the sustainable core competitiveness of the water park, and created a unique cultural and tourism brand with rural characteristics. Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd., as a well-known brand enterprise in the water amusement industry, is honored to participate in it, and is full of confidence in the future development of the project!
"Taiji bowl", the super water slide, is the most attractive one among the numerous slideways of water park equipment currently being installed. It is the first Super Bowl water slide introduced by water park in China. As one of the star products of the water park, it undoubtedly possesses some differences compared with the traditional large water slide.
1. An innovative product: A new concept of large-scale racing water slide;
2. High capacity: two rafts can be slid down at the same time to achieve double track sliding (4 people/raft), which can accommodate up to 8 people and doubled the utilization rate of the slideway.
3. Less land occupation: the overall floor area of the equipment is small due to the sliding track of the equipment is spiraling, and the platform is in the middle.
4. Centralized entrance design: the slide platform is set in the center, which can effectively manage the queuing situation of tourists, but also allow tourists to have a visual experience first when waiting in line to play, and increase the interaction between tourists;
5. Spectacular appearance: color band or light can be chosen to decorate the slideway more gorgeous at night.

Its scale and shape enable tourists to rotate around the edge of the bowl at high speed and rotate several times under the effect of centrifugal force. At the same time, the dual-channel design provides upper bearing capacity and more interactive, which enables tourists on both sides can race. Besides, the unique appearance design brings enormous visual impact and even has a built-in echo effect of deepening the stimulation experience. Tourists will have an unforgettable experience after the completion of the project.

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