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Vancouver business accountants Mew and Company can effectively bridge the gap between an accounting department and external auditor.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2020 --As a group of chartered professional accountants in Vancouver, Mew + Company teams up with growing businesses that may be in need of a part-time CFO. Rather than recruiting a full-time CFO, which can be a costly investment, the accountants at Mew + Company offer CFO and Controllership services in Vancouver on a part-time basis. For more, go to:

Navigating a growing business requires timely access to accurate financial information. As an experienced team of CPAs in Vancouver, Mew + Company can provide the information imperative to navigating future growth. Whether it's expanding, negotiating organizational change, or acquiring resources, the chartered professional accountants at Mew + Company work to bridge accounting gaps and keep relevant financial information structured, organized, and accessible.

Mew + Company offers the following CFO and Controllership services in Vancouver:

- Cash flow management
- Month-end reporting
- Pricing strategies
- Costing strategies
- Cost/benefit analyses
- Internal controls
- Fraud prevention

Managing business growth can be tricky without a full-time professional on staff. With the Vancouver chartered professional accountants at Mew + Company, businesses gain access to the expert advice necessary to guide and manage growth from a financial standpoint, until hiring a full-time CFO becomes a reality.

To learn more about part-time CFO and Controllership services in Vancouver, contact Mew + Company at 604-688-9198 or email Lilly Woo at

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