Take Part in Realistic Tank Battles with Battle Realm's Kickstarter Campaign


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2016 --Mobile app developers, Battle Realm are preparing to launch the dream game for any devotees of ground warfare, military operations, and land combat skills.

The Battle Realm app will enable players to take part in real-life tank battles, piloting a toy tank around real terrain from the comfort of their own homes, utilizing this innovative application. These 1/16 scale tanks are complete with realistic camouflage armor plating, a pivoting gun turret, and miniature air pressure tank guns.

Players engage in virtual combat with opponents from all over the world. The air-pressure gun and bullets are capable of destroying the armor of their opponent's tank, but success in the game will take more than just brute force. Instead, it will involve planning, tactics, skill and precision since there will be a limited amount of bullets per game. There will be options to reload, strengthen the tank's armour, increase their air gun's power, and upgrade to stronger bullets.

Players can create defending clans within certain zones of the terrain, which, since the tanks have caterpillar treads, will be commensurate with the rough terrain you would expect tanks to traverse.

"The more realistic a game is, the more exciting it is for the player," said Zhapar Sultanov, Battle Realm's Project Founder.

"We are passionate about creating authentic tank battles on real terrain, on actual landscape."

Sultanov and partner Kerim Orozaliyev, a Financial Industry professional by trade, are working together to develop the innovative battle strategy and combat game, and need your help to bring it to market. They have launched a campaign on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds for the game, enabling donors to become beta testers and to take part in the testing stage of Tank Battles from their own mobile device.

To play Tank Battles, players will need to download the Battle Realm app. Kickstarter donors will have the chance to play temporarily from their mobile by renting a tank, or permanently if they decide to buy their very own tank. By purchasing a tank, a player can enter the game at any time 24/7, instead of having to wait their turn in a queue. There are also plans to include an option for players to customize their tanks.

Tanks will be equipped with a frontal camera and a camera on the top of the vehicle so that players can see targets within their mobile device screen. The game will be broadcast via cameras from the field and the air so players can spot their opponent's position and plan their next move.

To find out more about Battle Realm's Tank Battles, to make a donation, or become involved as a beta tester, visit the Kickstarter link here: