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Talltree Integrated Health Clinic Introduces Concussion Treatment

Comprehensive concussion program that provides care for individuals dealing with concussion-related issues while keeping a constant eye on the enormous amounts of emerging research and healthy lifestyle techniques.


Victoria, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2017 --Tall Tree health has introduced a new program providing differential assessment and specifically tailored treatment to address all key issues and support full recovery from concussion. Tall Tree Integrated Health Clinic is located in Victoria, BC – Canada. Concussion treatment can be based on two variations. Cognitive which is resting after concussion by reducing thinking, stress, stimulation and other activities used by the brain. Secondly physical activities such as taking time off sport, training and limiting the risk of re-injury. People who continue to exercise and play sports while having concussion symptoms have a greater chance of another concussion. Tall Tree Integrated health has rehabilitative approach to concussion and our team includes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractor Services and Clinical Counseling.

Concussion is a type of of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump or a blow to the head or body that causes the brain to quickly move back and forth.

Tall Tree has been working with RMT and Massage Therapy trainers to help teens and adults stay healthily for team and individual sports.

By working with individuals in the sports industry they are providing ways for coaches to lower the chances of players getting a concussion, emphasizing the importance of reporting concussions while ensuring that they follow their coaches rules for safety and the rules of the sport being played.

Tall Tree Integrated Health's mission is to make the process of recovery simple, clear, and timely so that people dealing with concussion related issues can focus on getting better in the fastest, safest, and most complete way possible.

Parents of patients are taught the signs of a concussion to prevent further injuries. Coaches and parents are taught to keep an eye out for signs of concussion such as sights of being dazed or stunned, moving clumsily, answering questions slowly and changes in behavior, mood and personality.

Through the treatment of concussions it is noted only a health care provider should asses a teen or sports player for possible concussion. Some symptoms may not show up for hours and the process of treatment is something that is carefully managed and monitored by Tall Tree Health clinician's.

Tall Tree Health is now providing a comprehensive review of all areas commonly affected by concussion including: physiological, cognitive, vestibular, visual and psycho-emotional.

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