David Weinstein

David Weinstein Cherry Hill N.J. Opens Tannenbaum & Milask

Tannenbaum & Milask (R) reopens for business.


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2012 --After 12 years of hibernation David Weinstein of Cherry Hill N.J. has reopened Tannenbaum & Milask (R) the foremost name in business brokerage. As many business brokerages have gone out of business the opening of Tannenbaum & Milask will now fill that void.

About David Weinstein
Over 25 years of business experience. M.B.A, P.M.A.A. Extensive knowlege of the healthcare system. He is also an advisor to State and Federal Goverments with regards to healthcare laws, norms and policies. He is also certified in compliance for healthcare and serve as a healthcare compliance officer for over 12 companies. He has a strong backround and have owned Manufacturing, Service and Retail businesses.

To learn more about David Weinstein watch the video at: http://fr.kewego.com/video/14c7bd6dd25s.html

We Are "The Original Tannenbaum & Milask." (R)