TAPATUCAM Is Using Kittens to Prevent Against Webcam Spies


Malaga, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2016 --TAPATUCAM, the best way to fashion a device to prevent against webcam hacking, is using cats to accomplish the job and is live on Kickstarter raising funds to bring the project to life.

TAPATUCAM is not only a small plastic clip that allows users to physically disable their devices' webcam, TAPATUCAM is the coolest solution to decorate your devices mitigating webcam hacking.

"There are a huge amount of people using tape on their pretty and expensive laptop or tablets that they've spent thousands of dollars on," says Victor Ruz, Chief Design Officer, "People like Mark Zuckerberg are using an sticky, ugly piece of tape to cover his webcam...We want to say 'Mark, we understand your clothes are not fashionable, flip flops included, but your laptop  needs to wear TAPATUCAM, to be awesome cool!"

Because the Internet loves kittens, the company has introduced a fun line of cat themed webcam blockers, each with a smiling face that protects your privacy and safety in a fashionably designed way. Traditional laptop covers are always bland and without personality, TAPATUCAM believes you can decorate your laptop in a fun way while also protecting your privacy.

TAPATUCAM doesn't use glue or tap, it is a simple clip that covers the webcam on the computer and works whether the laptop is open or closed. For the Kickstarter launch TAPATUCAM is introducing 6 fun cat designs available in 6 different colors that pop- yellow, purple rose, orange, light green, and fuschai. The company believes in playful designs that first and foremost look good and fashionable, while keeping the security aspects as a pleasant side effect of using the product.

"TAPATUCAM is the coolest way to decorate your devices mitigating webcam hacking," adds Ruz, "Everybody on the Internet loves kitties. So we wanted to bring those cats to life while providing a valuable experience for users.

The TAPATUCAM Blocking Kitten Clip is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/29SMtUP

TAPATUCAM is a design based company, we design, manufacture and deliver hardware solutions for all kind of devices based in barrier methods to ensure user keep safe and funny. TAPATUCAM also provides marketing and merchandising services, using innovative products, generating new advertising sites.

For more information on TAPATUCAM please visit http://www.tapatucam.com/