Targray Announces Electrodeposited Nickel Foil for Lithium Ion Battery and Supercapacitor Manufacturers

Lithium ion battery materials supplier announces innovative new product


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2014 --Targray is pleased to introduce Electrodeposited Nickel Foil (ED Ni foil) battery materials as part of its continually growing line of lithium ion battery products. The material is now available to manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, capacitor manufacturers and those companies seeking a responsible raw material supplier.

In introducing ED Ni foil battery materials, Targray looks to lead a paradigm shift in the lithium ion battery manufacturing industry. ED Ni foil boasts a number of benefits over traditional copper or rolled nickel foil battery materials, including a thickness range of 4um to 50um, width capabilities up to 1000mm, superior tensile strength, exceptional anti-corrosive properties and excellent acid and heat resistance, as well as etching abilities.

ED Ni foil is used in a variety of high-energy, low-power lithium ion battery applications including cellphones, laptops and retail electronics, as well as higher-level applications, which includes supercapacitors. Nickel foil is also magnetic and can be used as electromagnetic interference material; for example as shielding tape for various electronic devices and as conductive tape. And while the practice of using electrodeposited nickel foil has been in place for years, Targray hopes to offer a more robust and tailored approach to providing this material to its partners.

“Innovation is the precursor to sustainable change and by offering a more technologically-superior material for lithium ion battery manufacturers, we’re seeking to usher in a new standard for quality in this industry,” said Karen Richardson, Sales Manager of Targray’s Battery Division. “Electrodeposited nickel foil is a great leap forward for our lithium ion product offerings and one that we’re confident our manufacturers will appreciate.”

As a B2B supplier of lithium ion battery materials, Targray offers a full range of lithium ion battery and supercapacitor materials, such as anode (graphite), cathode (LFP, NCA, LMO, LMNO, LCO, NMC), separators (PE, PP and ceramic coated), electrolytes, binders (PVDF and SBR), Al, Ni and Cu (rolled and ED) foils, tabs (made to spec, with or without film), cans, Al laminated pouch material, etched Al foil and coated cathode and anode electrodes.

For more information regarding Targray’s addition of ED Ni foil battery materials to its current product line and its leadership within the Li-Ion materials industry, please visit http://www.targray.com/.

About Targray
Targray is a global supplier of lithium ion battery materials, serving the high-tech manufacturing and energy markets in over 50 countries. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in supplying new materials to high-technology industries, Targray brings globally competitive, cutting-edge battery materials to its manufacturing customers at a competitive cost. The lithium ion battery technologies in Targray's extensive product portfolio satisfies the requirements of the next generation of Li-ion batteries, while meeting the criteria of safety, high-efficiency, lifetime and cost.