Tasmanian Tiger Stalks Forest Burning Plan of Liberal Party Australia and National Party of Australia

Mass wildlife extinction, destruction of national carbon sink and coastal water quality through carbon credits to corporations to destroy forests


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2013 --The Australian Public must stand up for its wildlife this federal election as record numbers of species face extinction from logging. The Liberal Party Australia and the National Party of Australia plan carbon credits to international corporations burning and/or exporting native forests as wood pellets to furnaces.

Judy Browne, president of Nativesrule, explained: “Labor ruled out Renewable Energy Certificates for power generated by native forest biomass. The Liberal Party Australia and the National Party of Australia will legislate for twenty year contracts to corporations for burning and/or converting native forests to wood pellets for export. Those with contracts will get carbon trading commissions while the Australian public loses its wildlife, carbon sink, catchment health and income from the perpetual royalties forests already attract if left in the ground.

“The Guardian described the very notion of issuing carbon trading certificates for power produced from burning wood as environmental lunacy. South East Australian forests are established to be even more effective as a carbon sink than equatorial rainforests, which have a more frequent carbon exchange cycle.”

Mrs Browne warned: “The Guardian exposed the international push by big business behind Coalition policy to burn and export our forests. The European Union intend to meet their 2020 renewable energy target by converting coal fired power stations into 20% wood fired power stations. So they are scouring the earth for wood. In 2012 they consumed 13 million tonnes of wood pellets in 2012. If they keep getting away with calling wood a ‘renewable’ to meet their CO2 deadline, they will burn 25-30 million a year by 2010. It will push CO2 emissions, not contain them and it’s our forests they’re lobbying to get. provides aerial footage and audits of state forest agency illegality as people in regional Australia are witnessing sometimes a mountain a week disappearing, as wood is being stockpiled, sanctioned by Liberal National state forest agencies anticipating a Coalition victory. If the Coalition gain power federally this will escalate and we face mass species’ extinction, loss of coastal water resources and a continent that will burn like never before as our native forest biomass is burnt and exported as wood pellets. It is now proven that intensive logging causes bushfires of high intensity as can be seen in the article on our website, National Bushfire Trap.

If in NSW alone forests were left intact it would bring carbon abatement credits to the public estimated by the Australia Institute at about $222 million over the next two decades. Yet we are ripping them out for international investors at a loss to taxpayers. And no-one has even begun to estimate the loss to Australia of its tourist drawcard, its wildlife, its wilderness forests and its clean water. One can only wonder at the scale of corruption or influence driving this situation.

Australian Nature Hangs in the Balance this election. If people allow international corporations to gain control of the resources of Australian forests as well as the minerals of this country via a pro-business Coalition, mass extinction, permanent loss of Australian Wildlife follows fast.

“Nativesrule is in marginal electorates bringing these facts. People can choose to believe their own eyes as they see our aerial footage and read the Liberal and National Party policy, or keep reading The Telegraph.”

To save Australian Nature this election visit nativesrule