tavecchiacoin.com, 24 Months Salary for Free, Aims to Place 120 Billion Dollars on the Market in 24 Months


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2020 --03 January 2020 (United Kingdom) — Tavecchiacoin, a peer-to-peer non-monetary system for the people, invites users to join their complimentary currency system and receive 24 months of salary funds for free. Fellow members of the start-up company will be able to easily exchange goods and services without the intermediation of traditional money on the basis of reciprocity. With free funds available for up to $10,000 USD per month for two years, Tavecchiacoin is a distinctive open-source currency network.

"Due to difficult economic situations in the past few years around the world, there have been multiple attempts to create complimentary currencies to help compensate for traditional money shortages. With our start-up Tavecchiacoin, we aim to create a top-notch, transparent currency system that guarantees a decentralized blockchain, irreversibility of data, direct user control, and high-speed transactions, along with no risks from third-parties or scams. We are so confident in our start-up that within our first 24-months, we aim to place the equivalent of 120 billion U.S. dollars in Tavecchiacoin on the market," said the founders of Tavecchiacoin.

Without any central authority or banks, Tavecchiacoin uses a high-technology, public peer-to-peer network to manage transactions collectively. Functioning as a circuit for cashless payments, credits and debts in customers' wallets are recorded by a public blockchain register, while smartphones and PCs are used as means of payment. With no owners or majority control, all Tavecchiacoin members can take part in the project.

Through the Tavecchiacoin app, products and services are purchased with Tavecchiacoin currency, internationally recognized as TAV, encouraging members to trade and invest their Tavecchiacoin funds. Tavecchiacoin's most distinctive feature is the absence of interest, encouraging owners of Tavecchiacoin to reinvest their earned funds and keep it in circulation for the long-term.

Tavecchiacoin's currency system currently values the Tavecchiacoin to the U.S. dollar, 1 TAV to 500 USD. For just the cost of downloading the Tavecchiacoin app ($3.99 USD), individual Tavecchiacoin users will receive the equivalent of $2,000 USD in Tavecchiacoins every month for 24 months, totaling $48,000 USD worth of trading funds. For company users, they will receive the equivalent of $10,000 USD in Tavecchiacoins every month for 24 months, totaling $240,000 USD.

The Tavecchiacoin app is available to download now through the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. For more information and to join the Tavecchiacoin network, visit www.tavecchiacoin.com.