Team Building and Leadership Training That Trades out the Fluff for Measurable Stuff


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2014 --The frustration with corporate training and development can be daunting. Global business need to take in a breath of fresh air when it comes to training executives. Scavenger hunts, raft building, ropes courses, sweat tents, walking on coals and even culinary programs may be fun but these programs bring results? Do managers really become leaders sitting in a canned two to four hour a day workshop with fifty other managers from other industries?

There is a lot of talk in the business world about Nick Conner and his successful approach to creating high performance teamwork and providing leaders with the tools to lead successful teams. “Finally,” say Nick’s clients, “teamwork that is measurable, meaningful and most importantly applicable”.

What do Nick’s clients know?

Studies show that in-house training costs 73% more than outsourced training which can be very expensive. Among employees who say their company offers poor or no training, 41% plan to leave within a year which is also very expensive. Additionally, firms that invest $1500 per employee in measurable and applicable training compared to those that spend much less on canned, one size fits all training, experience an average of 24% higher gross profit margins. They also receive 218% higher income per employee. This is cost effectiveness at its best.
About Nick Conner & Catalyst Team and Leadership Development
Nick Conner has been providing training at the executive, supervisory and management levels of business for over twenty years. His focus is on higher levels of teamwork and leading effective teams with expertise and passion in measuring and assessing results. Working with all levels of Industry from small business to the Fortune 100 has taken Nick all over the world with his unique programs and undeniable success.
Nick Conner