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Teamlab Server Solution: Get Double Control over Business Data

Ascensio System SIA releases the precompiled server version of TeamLab,permitting the portal deployment on a corporate server.


Riga, Latvia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2012 --Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions forcorporate use, announces the availability of the server solution for TeamLab, a web office for business collaboration, project and customer relationshipmanagement. The installation version is available on SourceForge in the form ofan installation .exe file and allows users to deploy TeamLab on a corporateserver.

Starting from now in addition to TeamLab SaaS, companies can launch the serviceon the corporate server gaining a double control over their business data andresources as this solution eliminates the dependence on the vendor’s facilities.As well as the online versionthe server solution contains all the features neededto organize the team allowing users to maintain business fully controlled andmanaged.

The process of TeamLab deployment on the corporate server is reduced to thedownload and launch of the installation file, which automatically configures IISand creates database without the user’s interaction. The installation process ismostly automatic, in case the required components, such as Microsoft.Net Framework or MySQL, are missing on the machine, the deployment fileautomatically downloads and installs them. In other words the installationprocess takes less time and requires less technical knowledge.

Antony Smirnov, Product Development Head, states: "TeamLab Server solution reduces the concerns about managing business in the clouds to zero, now usersdo not need to worry about the absence of control over internal data and closedependence on the vendor in terms of technical stability. Launching TeamLabserver version we multiply TeamLab's security and stability indices”

You may download Server solution from the official TeamLab page at Sourceforge.

About TeamLab
TeamLab is a web service for business collaboration, document, project and customerrelationship management that integrates a number of online tools helping employees toorganize business tasks, exchange news, manage corporate documents andcommunicate in real time. For more information refer to

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