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TeaVitality Offers Affiliate Marketing

TeaVitality LLC is a growing online tea business that offers quality loose leaf tea. They are constantly adding new flavors to their selection and are always improving to satisfy their loyal customers. Read more about them and their affiliate program.


Bloomingdale, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2013 --Valued around the world for enjoyment and health benefits, tea-making is an age-old practice. Nearly every culture has some version of tea leaves, herbs, and spices steeped in hot water. Today, pre-made teas are available in bottles and commercial packaging; however, there is no substitute for the flavor and relaxation from select tea leaves in one's favorite blend of spices, fruits, and herbs. Grown in warm climates, many of the major sources of tea production are in Third World countries. With the introduction of Fair Trade, tea production has now become a source of sustainable economic growth in some of the poor regions of the world.

Fair Is Fair
Fair Trade guidelines ensure that the workers and growers of labeled products have received fair compensation for their labor or products. It is a principle aimed at promoting sustainable businesses particularly in Third World developing countries. Stable businesses in these parts of the world can have an enormous impact on building communities and improving the quality of life. When one purchases Fair Trade products one is essentially doing well for one’s self, buying a quality product and a positive act for the global community, of which everyone is a part.

A loose leaf tea affiliate program would be of little value without excellent products, reasonable prices, and responsive service. This tea affiliate program includes a wide range of tea types and flavors. The menu includes black, green, red, oolong, mate, and herbal teas. The flavor combinations provide choices among fruits, spices, and herbs. Some teas have well-defined tastes and aromas while others, such as Rooibos, also have medicinal benefits.

Benefits of Affiliate Programs
TeaVitality's loose leaf tea affiliate program is an excellent way to earn money while speaking to friends and other site visitors about a product one enjoys. As an affiliate, one can buy teas at a five percent (5%) discount. This is an excellent way to purchase organic teas brought to market under Fair Trade guidelines. As an affiliate website owner, one will receive compensation for orders placed through posted advertising banners. Site visitors click through to the TeaVitality website where they can view and select products. TeaVitality pays a 15% commission to an affiliate for sales generated from its site banner.

It is a winning combination- a TeaVitality customer and loose leaf tea affiliate program member. Their infused flavor products make excellent teas for health and flavor. They also make delightful gifts for family, friends, business associates, and customers.

Don't Delay
The advantages begin as soon as one signs up as a sales affiliate. The steps are simple, post the code for the affiliate banner on the website. From that point, visitors who click on the ad can place orders, which result in commission payments. There is a mutual benefit to advertising a quality line of products. Visitors will see that the website supports excellent products and fair trade policies. Sign up today!

About TeaVitality
TeaVitality LLC is now located in Bloomingdale, NJ. After Hurricane Sandy, co-owners Nathaly & Courtney had to move back up north from Manahawkin, NJ. Nathaly and Courtney are avid tea drinkers and they have experienced the health benefits from enjoying a cup or two every day. They would like to welcome you to their store and browse through all the various teas they have.