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TECC Launch New Electronic Cigarette Innovation

The new TECC eVic signifies a breakthrough in Electronic Cigarette innovation.


Blackburn, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2013 --Respected Electronic Cigarette retailer TECC are releasing a new product this Friday (March 1) which will represent the next generation of E Cigs. The eVic V1.2 will harness smart technologies to allow the user complete and total freedom of their vaping experience.

The user can customise all of the settings simply from their computer. All of the users’ customised settings will be saved in the eVic and demonstrated on the screen known as the eVic control head.

The eVic’s digital screen allows the user to view useful information regarding the Electronic Cigarette and their inhalation at all times. This affords the vaper, the luxury of customising their vaping experience to their personal taste. The eVic records all of the users’ vaping actions onto their PC allowing them to monitor their usage every day, week or month.

The multi-purpose digital screen contains a lot of additional information. The remaining battery life is displayed clearly, keeping the user informed of the remaining lifespan. This feature could potentially alleviate the risk of leaving home with low battery and no charger.

The intelligent eVic (an acronym for Electronic-Vapour Intelligent Cigarette) also includes a function allowing the user to limit the number of inhalations that can be taken at one time.The precision of the eVic allows the user to personalise even single inhalations.

The digital screen clearly defines the number of inhalations that have been used and the number of inhalations that remain. The rationing of inhalations can be easily changed, so if the user starts craving a different vaping length then they can change the inhalation number accordingly.

Helping the user understand the output of the Electronic Cigarette, the eVic also demonstrates the voltage that is being used. . The voltage is easily adjusted using a simple twisting system. Voltage control allows for greater care to be taken of the Electronic Cigarette and optimum use of the batteries and atomizers. If the temperature rises too high, a warning will be displayed.

Software updates will be available to update the eVic as innovations in the industry occur. This will help the user stay at the forefront of the electronic cigarette world.

The TECC eVic innovation marks a breakthrough for the Electronic Cigarette industry as producers strive to create the perfect vaping experience. The eVic is available directly from TECC or from official distributor Joyetech.

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