Four Step Marketing Consultants, Inc.

Tech Startup Makes Big Splash with New Black Sheep Marketing Book on Amazon

Another Case for Why Traditional Book Publishers Must Change


DeLand, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/13/2018 --When Four Step Marketing Consultants, a marketing and tech start-up in Florida, launched their new book on Amazon in January, they had minimal expectations about sales, reviews, or acquiring new prospects. They openly admitted the Four Step Marketing Blueprint book doesn't fit the traditional mold and were merely testing the self-publishing waters of Amazon.

Matt Law, CEO at FSMC shared, "We originally planned to wait for a traditional publishing contract. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to connect with a very successful literary agent who changed my thinking. She advised us to pursue self-publishing so that we could control the vision for the book. In other words, she told me that what we wanted to publish, would never get published by a traditional publishing house. So we took her advice and self-published the book on Amazon offering paperback and Kindle editions."

The book outlines the company's Four Step Marketing process. It's a simple, straightforward and short book, written for busy entrepreneurs. The book's copy is well written, but no doubt a bit edgy based on the Amazon reviews. Business owners and marketing agencies are called out with their current unmeasurable marketing tactics, leaving plenty of room for the book to receive heavy criticism. Rather than please the masses, the vision was to create something that educated business owners and was easy to follow. They also wanted something that challenged traditional thinking.

"We wanted this book to be different. There's no fluff, stories, or hype in the book. We also didn't want it to be just about me, Matt Law. While I designed the Four Step Marketing process and wrote the book, our team of consultants brought a ton of value to it. We put the book out there, unsure how the marketplace would receive it. The truth is, I had little expectations of the book getting picked up or even noticed. However, after three months, I'm happy to say that our target audience loves the book. I've dialogued with a few of the readers, and they've thanked us for being direct and saving them time. Overall, we're very pleased. The book has sales and downloads every day and has been listed in the top 20 short business books and is in the top 100 Kindle books on Marketing. Additionally, we've received emails, calls, tweets, and new business from the publishing of the book. There's no doubt in my mind that readers are sharing the book, which is helping its sales grow.", Matt Law from FSMC reported.

Though it's only one small book and a starting point for FSMC, it further confirms that traditional publishing houses no longer are in control. It also shows that some ideas are shared and spread just because they are unique. FSMC announced that due to the success of the Four Step Marketing Blueprint by Matt Law, it would continue with a new series of marketing books written by members of the FSMC community.