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Technology Leader mobotour Leapfrogs Industry with Completion of Serverless Architecture Initiative

Forward-thinking mobile application leader mobotour announced the completion of their move to 100% serverless architecture in less than 8 months. The final piece of the puzzle—the mobotour Android app—was released on 08/04/2018 to a subset of users.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2018 --Serverless architecture allows developers to add features and functionality at hyperspeed, while keeping costs down for customers. In addition, when one area of the application experiences high volume usage, it doesn't impact the performance of other areas.

"Our team is extremely proud of this accomplishment. It's one thing to move to a serverless architecture, but the real differentiator is the way in which we did it," said Dustin Laun, CEO. "Most organizations have teams of people dedicated to dev ops, engineering, software development, product management, etc. We executed this seriously heavy lift with just four team members, and none of us had prior experience with this technology stack. I am confident in saying no other organization on the planet could accomplish that in the same amount of time."

"When I first heard about moving mobotour to AWS Lambda, my reaction was mixed with excitement and fear. The excitement of doing something new that not many developers are doing and the fear of failure," said Rajesh Kumar, mobotour developer. "In the end, I must say this journey was worth the endeavor. Serverless is all about less. Less operational cost, less infrastructure maintenance, less worries."

mobotour promises to continue rolling out new system features at a pace competitors simply cannot match. Laun goes further to say customers will see costs continue to fall while the value provided by the mobotour's comprehensive deskless workforce technology grows.

"Using serverless architecture helps the developer to focus on developing a product without other overhead like configuring and maintaining the server," said Jitendra Bhati, mobotour developer. "It is a more cost-effective way of developing an application and allows us to build scalable, reliable systems faster and easier."

"Today, the big enterprise players are weighed down with operating costs because of the decisions they've made in building out their product. They have no choice but to raise prices and bloat their products, which is the vicious cycle of traditional software development," said Laun. "mobotour is leading the new generation of software providers. I like to think of us as the Robin Hood of SaaS. No more raising prices at the expense of customers, even if that's the expectation of investors. All companies deserve to have the benefit of cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank."

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