TECXIPIO Launches Reverse Video Search API to Automate Large-Scale Video Identification


Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2018 --Germany-based Software Development Company TECXIPIO has provided access to their computer vision technology and launched a cost-effective Reverse Video Search API that can perform high-quality matching at a high processing speed to automatically match and identify even highly altered videos.

Search Huge Video Databases Efficiently And Automate Resource - And Time-Consuming Workflows With Computer Vision Technology

Video is everywhere, and the need to process, search, locate, and structure huge databases with appropriate speed and quality is increasing for an increasing amount of applications. Searching and identifying for the correct video material with conventional text searches quickly exposes its limitations, often delivering false positives or not retrieving all matches. The only accurate way to retrieve and identify the video material for which you are looking for is to search directly with videos for videos.

A Powerful Video Fingerprinting And Matching Technology That Is Built For Scalability At The Highest Accuracy

TECXIPIO's Reverse Video Search API combines the best of both worlds: machine learning and classical engineering-based computer vision. The powerful image matching core technology is designed to identify and match even highly altered videos with close-to-zero false positive rates. The recognition is robust to scaling, rotation, mirroring, stretching, partial conclusion, and perspective skew among others.

A Cost-Effective And Flexible Solution For Developers To Optimize Workflows

The RESTful API is offered as Software as a Service, so it can easily be implemented into internal searching and crawling processes. TECXIPIO's team of highly-experienced software specialists can also help set up the whole process if any further assistance is required.

TECXIPIO's software solutions can also always be customized if adaptations are required to match specific applications. For example, such as when only duplicate rather than also altered videos need to be matched. They can also individually check what is most efficient for the required use cases and configure the video fingerprinting and matching parameters to offer the most cost-effective API setting.

Free Credits to Test the Video Fingerprinting and Matching Technology

To convince yourself of the matching quality, TECXIPIO offers a free API key which includes 10,000 credits to test the Reverse Video Search Technology for 30 days.

TECXIPIO specializes in the development of scalable software systems for large-scale data processing. The software development company was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to providing solutions that increase the efficiency of information processing with fast, automated systems. The software solutions and consulting services offered by TECXIPIO cover the full spectrum — from data sourcing and data processing to data visualization.

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