Teleteria Casino Owner, Jay Servidio Reports Online Sports Gambling Spike Knocks One out of the Park for Those Capitalizing on the New Baseball Season

Teleteria Casino owner, Jay Servidio reports increased online sports betting traffic as Teleteria Casino brings baseball fans just what they want. A sleek gaming website, up and running fast, devoted to placing bets for the 2016 baseball season.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2016 --When the 2016 major league baseball season started on April 3rd, with a Sunday afternoon matchup between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates, at least, two things happened. Both teams had the best regular season records in 2015, at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. And online betting website owners saw a considerable spike in their income. With the regular season scheduled to end on Sunday, October 2nd the countdown's on. Teleteria Casino owner, Jay Servidio says time's running out before entrepreneurs, able to make landfall profits via online gambling, can have a score of their own. Happy to bring winnings to the table in three days time, can have a baseball gambling website up before the ump says, "Safe!".

"Between the 2016 baseball season and the upcoming Olympics in Brazil gaming website, owners have a window open to them for some pretty impressive income potential. Our packages are 100% customized and backed by the most powerful gambling software available today. 2015 proved online gaming is a $150 billion industry. Tapping into that stream of income is as simple as contacting us. In three days you'll own a global business." said Jay Servidio, President of Teleteria Casino.

Once the online betting site is developed it's plugged into the Teleteria Casino gaming system. This system provides e-commerce solutions, accounting, and 24-hour customer support. Global online sports betting doesn't sleep; instead, it works tirelessly for a gaming website owner when they do. Grabbing a chunk of the $3 billion a week global sports betting revenue, Teleteria's clients can see an increase in their own monthly bottom line to the tune of $20k.

Utilizing Facebook and Twitter to amp up the volume on advertising for baseball gambling sites, new owners can increase venue quickly. Gaming directories also get the word out about new, turnkey sports betting sites gone global.

As the owner and marketing director of a casino site, clients receive 35% of the net revenues the online casino generates. Clients can follow their sales results on a daily basis by checking Teleteria's online statistics with a private log-in and password. Aside from the new windfall of cash, online gaming site owners aren't responsible for any of the licensing, legal, management, banking, customer care, programming, fraud control or insurance fees.

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Teleteria Casino was founded by Jay Servidio in 1994 and is based in New York, New York. The company provides the marketplace with website solutions for the gaming industry. Client-centric, Teleteria has a monthly subscription structure for custom casino and sports betting website packages.

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