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TEMP-AIR Thermal Remediation: Innovative Electric Heat Treatment

The TEMP-AIR Thermal Remediation treatment system is an efficient line of equipment, designed for commercial properties.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --Pesticides have been found to be moderately effective at killing bed bugs, however, pesticide treatments are typically ineffective at killing hidden bed bugs. "Because of pesticide-resistant bed bugs, many pest control companies have begun using heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs," according to Bobby Anderson, President of Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc.

Heat treatments are an effective method for ridding an area of bed bugs. They eliminate all life stages of bed bugs for a thorough cleaning. Utilizing high-CFM heaters and fans, heated air is distributed throughout the infected area, ensuring the air reaches cracks and crevices to fully eliminate the bed bug infestation. The air is heated to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit and maintained for hours, allowing the air to permeate fixtures and furniture.

Heat treatments offer faster results than using pesticides. Typically, pesticide treatments require multiple visits spaced out seven to 14 days apart to allow time for eggs to hatch.

TEMP-AIR offers a variety of products under its Thermal Remediation line, which are designed to effectively and safely eliminate bed bugs. Controlled by thermostats, the heaters release air that doesn't exceed 135 degrees, and the heaters release air in four directions for even distribution. Because the temperature of the air remains within 120 to 135 degrees, potentially infested electronics and furniture can safely remain in the room.

A technician is able to monitor the area during the treatment process, ensuring the process runs smoothly. During the treatment process, a skilled technician makes sure that the proper temperature is maintained to make sure the treatment is successful. TEMP-AIR Thermal Remediation packages allows a technician to monitor the treatment from up to 800 feet away, and a detailed report is printed at the end of the treatment.

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