Tersa Inc. Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Tersa Steam

Tersa Steam utilizes a ten-minute, chemical-free cycle to de-wrinkle, deodorize, add fragrance and dry favorite garments. Tersa Inc. is looking to raise funds via Indiegogo to help bring this useful product to market.


Fort Collins, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2017 --Tersa Inc. is in the process of delivering a product that will be perfectly suited for people that hate laundry, ironing & dry cleaning. Tersa Steam promises to be a fast, user-friendly and sustainable supplement to the traditional techniques of textile care. With a super fast ten-minute cycle, it makes use of all-natural distilled water and plant materials to freshen nearly any type of garment. In order to make the process simple, the manufacturer has also created a single use pod system to provide the easiest user experience.

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of Tersa Steam are:

- Chemical Free: Tersa Scent Pods contain distilled waters & all-natural extracts to refresh your clothes.

- Time Efficient: One steam cycle takes less than ten minutes.

- Water Efficient: Tersa Scent pods use only three ounces of water per cycle.

- User-friendly: Users are only required to hang their garment on the provided hanger, insert their scent pod and press go.

- Superior Design: Tersa Steam was designed to integrate into the modern lifestyle as well as the contemporary home.

Highlighting the benefits of using Tersa Steam, CEO Charlie Warden from Tersa Inc. stated, "We developed Tersa Steam understanding the limitations and user frustrations that come with a variety of clothing care options. We wanted a supplement that makes life more efficient by reducing the need for traditional laundry, ironing/hand-held steaming, and dry cleaning."

With external measurements of 48" X 30" X 6", Tersa Steam has been sized to fit nearly any garment. The pods are fast, easy and eco-friendly. After their intended use, these pods can be disposed for recycling. Each buyer of the product receives free supply of pods for six months.

Tersa Steam has been developed by a team of design, manufacturing, & product development experts within the United States. After creating several prototypes over the last four years, the team is finally prepared to launch production with their manufacturing partners. The company is looking forward to starting the production of Tersa Steam in October, 2017 and is proud to be able to make their product in the USA.

Tersa Inc. has just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $30,000 that will cover all expenses leading to the initial production run. Tersa Steam will retail for $399 beginning in September. However, all early supporters of the company's crowdfunding campaign will receive up to a 50% discount on the product.

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About Tersa Steam
Tersa Steam was designed to bring efficiency to laundry. Utilizing a ten minute, chemical-free cycle, Tersa Steam de-wrinkles, deodorizes, adds fragrance and dries nearly any type of garments.