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TestiVar, Inc. Announces TestiVar Media Software for Engineers and Developers — Rounding out the Suite of PR Solutions

Today is the first time the source code and research data has been released for TestiVar Media. “This will allow programmers, scientists and developers to add on to the work we started,” says Jake Bartlett, the new development team leader at TestiVar.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2012 --It can be difficult for many online businesses who have no access to scientific data to guide their business decisions. But recently, business owners have gotten a big lift from TestiVar.

TestiVar recently released the source code and data for their TestiVar Media software. This software is used by smart Internet business owners to maximize the “buzz” they receive from every media release. Typically, an hour of optimizing a media release according to the database of known viral media releases results in five times the exposure from each publicity campaign – and this valuable exposure doesn’t cost a penny after a modest initial investment.

“It’s like free publicity,” according to online business marketing expert Jake Bartlett of TestiVar, Inc. “One hour using the TestiVar Media software multiplies your results in terms of “buzz” and exposure to the marketplace by over five times,” he continued.

“Now the source code and the internet data and research are available to the public. Any online business can take advantage of the entire system,” added James D. Brausch of TestiVar, Inc.

The license even allows for competition. A business can purchase the Developer Edition and simply compile it under a new name to go into direct competition with TestiVar, Inc.

“We aren’t concerned about the competition,” confirmed James D. Brausch of TestiVar, Inc. “There are millions of businesses out there that need access to scientific data to make decisions. We can’t help them all,” he added.

The newly released Developer Edition can be found here:

TestiVar Media Software