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Texas Dentist Recommends Emergency Fixes for Teeth Damaged During Summertime Sports

Clear Choice Dental of Bellaire, Texas discusses tips for caring for broken or lost teeth when a dentist is not immediately available


Bellaire, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 --Bellaire, Texas family dental practice Clear Choice Dental has published a list of emergency tips to execute when you or someone you know breaks, dislodges or loses a tooth while enjoying summer sports and activities where immediate access to a dentist or doctor may not be available. Knowing the right first aid steps can help save a tooth, a lot of pain, and possibly more complicated procedures for the unfortunate party. The first thing to note is that, if the tooth in question is loose, even hanging out of socket, but still attached by some thread of tissue, leave it attached! Once in the office the dentist can make an easier reattachment if there is still some connection, with the possibility that the nerve may still be intact as well, which is of great importance to overall tooth health in the future. Make sure the tooth is kept in place, or have someone help drive to the dentist while the patient holds their teeth and mouth in place to best avoid further trauma.

If the tooth in question has been completely knocked out of socket but is still in the person’s mouth, it is best to have them keep it in their mouth to retain moisture and keep the tissue inside the tooth at a constant state so that it can have an easier time connecting with the socket tissue after being reattached. A dentist will attempt to re-implant the tooth. If the tooth has escaped the mouth, it should be handled as minimally as possible. Do not pick it up and hold in in the hand, or wrap in a paper towel. Moisture and nutrients are of critical importance, so place it in a small container of milk which will keep it moist and nourished. Most importantly, don’t disinfect or scrub the tooth, or remove any attached tissue. If the tooth was soiled or landed on the ground, rinse it quickly in lukewarm water and place it in milk.

The amount of time the tooth is out of the socket is critical to its health once re-implanted. After 30 minutes, the potential for successful re-implantation declines rapidly, but doesn’t disappear completely, so inform the dentist if a tooth thought lost has been found, and the dentist will determine if an attempt at re-implantation is possible. If the tooth is chipped, the dentist will most likely go forward with a dental bonding procedure. Dental bonding uses a coated, ceramic-like material to create teeth or sections of teeth that look, act and feel like regular teeth. This allows the dentist to use the existing structure without drilling, filling or removing any part of the tooth. Often, dental bonding doesn't require anesthetic and can be relatively quick to complete, providing immediate results with less expense than implants or veneers. To learn more, visit Clear Choice Dental online at