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Text-to-Speech News App Allows Users to Listen to Favorite Facebook, Twitter Channels

AudIOfy Allows Users to Create Personalized, ‘AudIOfied’ News Feed


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2014 --App development company UrFamily Labs is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new text-to-speech app for Apple devices that allows users to convert any Facebook or Twitter page or RSS feed into audio content.

The AudIOfy free news reader app is like an internet news radio that reads the feeds from a person's favourite Facebook and Twitter pages in the style of an audio book. In addition to reading Facebook status updates, it also can read the content of full articles associated with social media posts.

The app was designed to provide access to popular news and information to people who are driving, cooking, multitasking or otherwise occupied. It is also an excellent resource for the visually impaired.

AudIOfy can be used to listen to the content of news articles from one's favourite online news providers and bloggers, including CNN, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Bloomberg News, Science Daily and so on. It can also be modified to create a feed of information about finance, science and nature, health, entertainment and more — any topic can be "audIOfied" simply by subscribing to one's favorite channels.

The app is available for free download for iOS devices at the Apple store. More product information here: https://www.todo.sg/p/audiofy/

About AudIOfy
AudIOfy is a sleek, efficient app that works better than most internet news radio stations because it uses less than 1 MB of internet data per hour, running in the background so other apps can be used on a device at the same time. This allows for faster downloads and less data usage.

The app is compatible with many reputable news providers and supports content in 33 different languages. AudIOfy also includes diverse playback control options (shake / flip phone, voice commands and action menus), 25 levels of adjustable playback speed, the ability to intelligently skip previously read news articles, feed storage for offline usage and the option to share interesting articles on Facebook for easy access on a user's desktop. AudIOfy also allows playback to start on app load, a feature specially designed for the visually impaired.

"AudIOfy combines the best that text-to-speech readers, online news radio and RSS feed technologies have to offer into one super-efficient, low-bandwidth app," said Ling Wong, spokesperson for UrFamily Labs. "We are thrilled to be able to launch an app that will revolutionize the way people receive information on their mobile devices. AudIOfy is the internet news radio of the future."

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