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That Car Lady Helps Ease the Pain in Choosing Your Teenager’s First Car

Usually parents cringe when thinking about their teenager driving for the first time. Lynn, That Car Lady helps ease the pain a little with some great suggestions for their first car.


Humble, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2011 --Graduation is now over and summer is already here. Like it or not, newly-licensed teens will be hitting the road in “tons of steel” powered by combustible engines. Parents might prefer to see their child safe and sound at home, but will still be helping their teen with their first major purchase: a car. If you’re stymied by all the choices out there, ask Lynn Beckwith where to begin.

“Safety is a parent’s first concern,” says Lynn Beckwith, owner of Beckwith’s Car Care. Lynn, who’s also known as “That Car Lady,” wears many hats. She’s a business owner as well as an educator regarding all things automotive. First and foremost, however, Lynn is a mother, and thinks every teen should drive a safe vehicle.

Like it or not, the car is a valued member of the family. Lynn suggests you start that relationship off with as much knowledge as possible. When buying a pre-owned car, the maintenance records should be available. For both new and used cars, some simple research will reveal whether you’re about to commit to a high-maintenance trouble-making wallet buster. After all, even when a car is paid in full, the costs of maintaining that car and fueling it for the road can be prohibitive. In some later model and foreign cars, even a simple oil change can break the bank.

Is the vehicle equipped with the latest bells and whistles? Some of those features can be distracting to young drivers.

Is the car cool enough for you and your teen? Nostalgic parents may be tempted to buy their teens the car they wish they’d had: a ’69 Mustang, or a ’79 Camaro or Trans Am. “Those old cars are heavy and they handle well,” says Lynn, “but they lack the safety features you get in a newer model.”

Before kids hit the road, they need to equip their cars for the trip. Check oil, says Lynn, and believe it or not, make sure your wiper blades are in good working order. You won’t have to remind teens to take their cell phones – but don’t call them if you know for a fact they are on the road. If parents need to check in for safety and security, make arrangements to get in touch at specific times.

Your teen might have passed Driver’s Ed, but are you really feeling secure sending your darling out on the road? To further ensure the well-being of your charges, why not treat them to a defensive driving course – or better yet, take your teen to a racing clinic. There, under the guidance of professional drivers, they’ll learn how to handle cars in every conceivable situation – and have a blast, too. Lynn is thinking she’ll take one herself.

When it comes to your car, a little education goes a long way. Look for Lynn online at or at Beckwith’s Car Care in Humble, Texas: 281-540-2000. She teaches at the Lifelong Learning Center - Lonestar College in Kingwood, Texas, has been seen on Fox News dispensing advice regarding all things automotive, and is a regular featured guest on The Car Counselor Radio Show on Houston AM 950. She’s also available to answer your questions at

To book Lynn for interviews or speaking engagements, call her Press Agent, Carmen Wisenbaker, Penworth Publicity, (281) 404-5019 or email her at