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The 2017 Make Shit Happen Planner Is Empowering Users to Take Action Action and Turn Their Dreams Into Reality


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2016 --The 2017 Make Shit Happen Planner is a brand new and beautifully designed product that provides tools and inspiration to help users create a life they love. The planner's Kickstarter campaign has been a breakout crowdfunding success story since day one, having met their initial funding goal of $25,000 in just under 30 hours. Meraki Printing doubled their initial fundraising goal in less than two weeks, and the backers keep coming in.

The 2017 Make Shit Happen Planner is a space for users to plan their months and weeks in the context of what they are most passionate about and what is most important to them. The Meraki Printing team seamlessly and beautifully weaves together yearly, monthly and weekly planning pages with specific goal-setting tools, action oriented prompts and inspiring content. This planner will empower users to live life how they want to live it and achieve their goals for 2017 and beyond.

The founders of Meraki Printing know from personal experience that dreams and goals don't work, unless hard work and hustle is put in. The idea for this planner was born from their own stories; "We were each 4 years into our careers in oil and gas finance. We were making good money and doing everything we were supposed to do, but we kept feeling stuck and unfulfilled. We weren't spending our time doing things that inspired us or inspired others," says Chelsea Williams, co-founder of Meraki Printing. "Doing the same unfulfilling things and expecting different results didn't work anymore. This isn't how we saw our lives going. This isn't how we wanted to feel. We decided to stop waiting and create something for our lives beyond the expectations society had for us. We decided to create a fun and empowering product to inspire ourselves and others."

The 2017 Make Shit Happen Planner is beautifully designed with high-end materials and features. The 7x9 inch planner is perfect for at home or on-the-go and boasts a hardcover wrapped in luxurious soft-touch material, bleed-proof paper, three-color ink and fun rose gold foil accents. Each page is eye-catching and every month is filled with discovery journal prompts, motivating quotes, goal-setting tools and weekly action tracker tools. While it packs a punch with context, the design is simple and intuitive. There is tons of space in each layout for users to make this planner their own.

The planner opens up with an inspiring quote and a personal letter from the creators. The initial goal work begins with a space where users brainstorm their biggest dreams and are guided to break their dreams down into goals, plans and actions.

This planner is more than just a planner - it's a movement. "Doing what you love, stepping out of your comfort zone and bringing your dreams to life is inspiring! Doing this kind of work and making shit happen is courageous and contagious! When you are making shit happen, you are actively creating a life that you want to be living, instead of just existing," adds co-founder Amara DePaul. "YOU are the catalyst that inspires others in your community to follow their dreams and discover their passions. It's a ripple effect. It's The Meraki Movement."

The Make Shit Happen Planner is currently live on Kickstarter and available to support through October 14, 2016:

About Meraki Printing
Meraki Printing is committed to providing products that empower people to live life how they want to live it. Co-Founders Chelsea Williams and Amara DePaul are certified yoga teachers and leaders in their communities. They are on a mission to share the tools that help them get shit done, do good shit and make shit happen. Meraki Printing's first product, the 2017 Make Shit Happen Planner, is now available for sale on Kickstarter.