The 24k Gold Vacuum Cleaner Goes from $1,000,000 to $.01 for Cyber Monday Auction

GoVacuum announced today that the 24k gold plated vacuum, priced at $999,999, is going up for auction on Ebay for $.01 with no reserve on Cyber Monday.


Chantilly, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2012 --This past June, GoVacuum made International headlines with a product that was as ludicrous and odd as its price tag. While James Dyson is known for creating bagless vacuums under his Dyson brand, Justin Haver got his 15 minutes of vacuuming fame for creating a gold plated vacuum cleaner that he envisioned selling for $1,000,000.00.

The actual price of the 24k gold plated device was set at $999,999.00, because it was “on sale” at $1.00 off. Production was to be limited to one hundred machines, but so far they’ve not sold any to date. GoVacuum has manufactured one machine.

“I might have set the price a bit too high, but I really thought and still believe there’s a luxury vacuum market for the ultra-rich.”, Haver said. He continues, “The vacuum is gorgeous and we’ve had a lot of interested people asking about it, I think I’m just off on the price.”

This morning GoVacuum announced (what they claim to be) the most dramatic price reduction ever offered for a Cyber Monday sale. GoVacuum, the manufacturer of the 24k gold plated vacuum, has put their only machine produced (to date) up for auction on Ebay. Starting bid is at a penny.

When GoVacuum first started marketing the gold vacuum with social media sites, including two music videos uploaded to YouTube, it was initially thought to be a hoax by many internet users; but since then the story of the golden vacuum has spread. Haver has appeared in person with the actual product on television shows to end the speculation.

The gold plated vacuum is certainly a luxurious commodity but it is also a sturdy piece of commercial grade hardware. The GV62711 features a 24k gold plated highly polished golden finish, a high performance 10 amp motor, 14" wide cleaning nozzle with a wooden roller brush, and anti-marring urethane wheels.

The auction, starts at 1:11am PST on Cyber Monday November 26, 2012, and will run for 10 days. Ten percent of the proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross. The Ebay auction id will be 271108184992 (visible once the auction starts).

“We’re doing this to help gain attention for the un-plated vacuums that are sitting in our warehouses waiting to be customized. I really hope this auction helps bring awareness to the product and helps guide us as to where we should set the price for the other machines.” Haver said.

GoVacuum has plans to expand their marketing efforts and offer the gold plated machines on other online marketplaces they operate, after the auction concludes.