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The ABC's of Surgical Breast Augmentation in Vancouver

Vancouver plastic surgeon releases concise overview of what to expect and how to approach breast augmentation


Duncan, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2020 --There are a lot of different reasons women choose to pursue breast enhancements in Vancouver. While some women are indeed after the hourglass figure, others are out to restore fullness after breast-feeding and menopause. Breast augmentation is also helpful to women to address asymmetry or deformities. Whatever the reason, Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Anzarut has released an overview of breast augmentation for those interested in the procedure. For more, go to https://dranzarut.com/news/reasons-why-woman-undergo-breast-augmentation-and-breast-enhancement-surgery/

Before undergoing any surgery, it's vital to find the right doctor. Ask a prospective surgeon for their training and qualifications. For breast augmentation, a specialist with training in cosmetic breast surgery is desirable. However, it's equally important to find someone with the ability to help candidates safely navigate the decision-making process.

The article begins by addressing who is a candidate for breast augmentation. As an elective surgery, breast augmentation is reasonable for most women healthy enough to undergo a general anesthesia.

Candidates should all be in good health. For those happy with the shape of their breasts, augmentation works to increase the size. However, if the objective is lifting, enhancing the shape, or correcting a deformity, then surgery that involves moving or shifting the breast tissue may be required. Augmentation alone will not address these issues.

Basics of Breast Augmentation

There are three commonly used incisions for breast augmentation:

1. an incision in the breast fold (inframammary incision)
2. an incision around the nipple (peri-areolar) and
3. an incision in the armpit (trans-axillary). The most common incision used for breast augmentation is the inframammary incision. It is the most well-hidden and allows the best view for the surgeon during the operation.

Peri-areolar incisions are avoided in most cases. This incision involves cutting near the milk ducts, resulting in a higher chance of infection. However, this technique is used when patients need correction of tubular or snoopy breasts.

The armpit incision, or trans-axillary incision, is also used infrequently as it is not easily hidden under clothing. What makes any incision less noticeable is the size of the scar. Most patients have incisions that heal and are barely visible. Rarely patients may have thicker scars, this may be due to genetics or irritation of the incision during the healing process.

Other issues addressed in the article include scarring, the merits of saline vs. silicone implants, and choosing the right breast implant size.

Most surgeons offer a consultation for elective cosmetic surgeries. Being proactive and expressing goals and questions will allow a doctor to address concerns and manage expectations.

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