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The Academy of Cinema and Television Announces Collaboration with Adrian R'Mante

The Academy of Cinema and Television, announces collaboration with actor Adrian R'Mante to produce a an online educational Q&A session that will inform and empower parents of children interested in the performing arts. The private academy is dedicated to helping students earn and maintain an edge in the highly competitive entertainment industry.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2008 -- The Academy of Cinema and Television announced today, a collaboration with Adrian R'Mante to create a specialized online educational series for kids and teens interested in the Entertainment Industry.

The Academy of Cinema and Television realizes that many parents have aspiring child or teen actors who know at a young age exactly what he or she wants to do – act professionally. Of course, they tend to voice their desire in terms of “I want to be a movie star” or “I want to be like Zack and Cody on the Disney channel”. However, the road to becoming a child or teen actor is often paved with pitfalls, ones that can be avoided if you know what to look for. This why the new Internet series of Q & As are so important ... learning from those who are walking the road to stardom.

Adrian R’Mante was born February 3, 1978 to a poor family in Tampa, Florida. R’Mante’s charming, dark Spanish good looks caught Hollywood eyes at the young age of 14. This ironic sighting at a local mall continues to benefit R’Mante’s family today. This early break into stardom found him as a host in the game show ‘Game Lab’ in Orlando. Other hosting spots landing him on Nickelodeon and Discovery.

R’Mante’s first three paid acting roles include a student on Moesha, an uncredited cop on the Profiler series and a delivery guy on The Wayan Bros Show, all in 1999.

Prior to his best known and current role as the Spanish immigrant Esteban on the Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, R’Mante appeared as a guest star on several TV shows including CSI: New York, Frasier, Hanna Montana and 24. Movie credits include Truth and Dare (2003), Straight Jacket (2004) and Gin and the Rumble Within (2006).

R’Mante and wife Anna Garcia live in Los Angeles with their three children; Walter, Joel and Pedro. Learn more about his entertainment career here: or at

R'Mante is a perfect match for the Academy's new online Q&A educational series. According to Academy Director Jack White, the new Q&A series idea came about because the school wants to let kids, teens and their parents know that entering the world of entertainment is possible if the raw talent is in place. "We wanted to show both students and non-students that making it in the entertainment industry is doable."

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The Academy of Cinema and Television are private non-academic / avocational schools for the performing arts that specialize in on-camera acting, modeling, singing, and dance workshops. We are extremely proud of our continued commitment to education, and helping our students earn, and maintain, an edge over their competition in the entertainment industry.