The Anti-Crypto Congressman Has Been Challenged to a Debate That His Constituents Deserve to Hear


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2019 --Investor and Community Leader Alon Goren has publicly challenged the anti-crypto congressman, Rep. Brad Sherman (D - Sherman Oaks, CA), to a public debate over digital currency after Sherman's recent call to introduce a bill banning American citizens from purchasing cryptocurrency.

Rep. Sherman has spoken out in congressional hearings against Bitcoin and all digital currency. He went on to say that cryptocurrency accomplished nothing and only led to the facilitation of illegal activities, a statement he made during a recent congressional hearing.

"Cryptocurrency accomplishes nothing except facilitating terrorism, narcotics and tax evasions," Rep. Sherman said.

Goren, co-founder of Goren Holm Ventures, said that Rep. Sherman's statement undermines the careful regulation that has been put into place. He also said that more USD is used annually to fund the same type of clandestine activity.

"According to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the U.S. dollar in cash is the preferred currency of transaction for drug traffickers and terrorists globally. More than $100 billion a year in drug trafficking cash moves through the U.S. financial system alone."

Goren is the founder of 805 Startups, a Southern California based organization of investors and entrepreneurs that includes thousands of Rep. Sherman's constituents. Goren said that the entrepreneurial ecosystem of 805 Startups, again, made up of Sherman's constituents, has many members who have created, invested in, or work for crypto and blockchain companies.

"Given the fact that people in his district depend on the industry to make a living, Sherman, at the very least, should give the people a fair representation. What he's saying is just totally misinformed, irresponsible and I'm not the first person that has pointed this out," Goren said. "And to take it a step further, as a representative and leader of our great country, he should be supporting our greatest export and key to future influence and prosperity; innovation. Stifling innovation is akin to stifling the american dream."

Rep. Sherman has not yet responded to the debate invitation.

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