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The Apogee Foundation Introduces Programs Fostering Synergy Among the World's Great Spiritual Traditions

Apogee is continuing the expansion of its intercultural Synergy Programs by promoting collaboration among musicians representing diverse spiritual traditions around the world.


New York, London and Tokyo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2008 -- The Apogee Foundation announced today that it is continuing the expansion of its internationally-recognized Synergy Programs with new Apogee Academy educational projects, Apogee Artists performance events, and Artists in Residence music compositions fostering intercultural collaboration among the world's great spiritual traditions.

The Foundation's Synergy Programs are designed to provide gifted artists from diverse cultures opportunities for creative empowerment through the sharing of their artistry with each other and international audiences. Apogee's new sacred music programs will feature both gifted artists during their formative years of training and masters at the pinnacle of their careers, and will include the Foundation's first partnerships with preeminent choral directors and choirs.

Upcoming events also will incorporate newly commissioned choral compositions from Apogee Composers in Residence who specialize in sacred musical expression. These newly commissioned artworks will be premiered in venues chosen for their intercultural significance.

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said "The world's great traditions of sacred music inspire excellence in people across all cultures and beyond all boundaries, and it is a privilege for Apogee to provide new opportunities for people everywhere to share in these ideals."

These programs will continue the Foundation's pattern of evolution from its origins as an East-West collaboration revitalizing the arts education systems of the former Soviet Union to a global philanthropic organization promoting the development of human creative potential.

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