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The Australian Pinnacle Health Clinic Provide Natural Solutions to Help People Avoid Diabetes

1.7 million Australians have diabetes. That includes all types of diagnosed diabetes (1.2 million known and registered) as well as silent, undiagnosed type 2 diabetes (up to 500,000 estimated). Those figures can be reduced through natural therapy says The Pinnacle Health Clinic.


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2015 --The diabetes problem in Australia is increasing. With over 1.7 million people suffering from diabetes, medical experts believe this serious problem could bring serious problems to hospitals all over Australia. Some experts feel unless the diabetes problem is tackled, hospitals could be forced to delay important operations to deal with the rising number of diabetes cases. However, The Pinnacle health Clinic believe they can reduce the problem through natural therapy.

Will Shannon, the son of Pinnacle Health Clinic's founder, Eli Shamon, is one of the most well-known naturopaths. He is determined to help people understand how Type 2 Diabetes is avoidable through natural therapy and exercise.

It is estimated that over 1.7 million people in Australia have diabetes, but not every one of those people is aware they suffer from the serious medical condition. Many believe this figure could more than double over the next ten years, and that is why Will Shannon wants to make people understand how natural therapy can help combat these figures.

Natural therapy is being used all over Australia to help people with many different conditions including fighting diabetes. Pinnacle Health Clinic (, who has become a leading authority in natural therapy and who help people all over Australia has seen more clients come to them from around the world to avoid the diabetes problem.

Will Shannon said: "Diabetes is getting out of control. It is a health problem that can be avoided by using natural therapy. We help people avoid diabetes, and we also help people who suffer from diabetes, and we want to get the message out there how important natural therapy can be to their health."

The Pinnacle Health Clinic, who has a clinic in Melbourne, and central Paramatta, Sydney, has become one of the most recommend natural health clinics in Australia for fighting diabetes.

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