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The Bailey Agency Launches Music PR Division for Emerging Artists

The Bailey Agency re-brands themselves as a full service entertainment public relations and marketing management firm for emerging and established artists and brands. The firm provides PR, artist development, and talent management services for signed and unsigned talent in the music and entertainment industry.


Richmond, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2015 --The Bailey Agency, LLC recently announced the launch of their public relations firm, re-branding themselves as a full service public relations and marketing management firm for emerging and established artists and brands. This news comes on the heels of their announcement that they have launched a music and entertainment division, providing PR and talent management services for signed and unsigned talent in the music industry. The firm has historically worked with musicians, actors, book authors, fashion designers and models, technology developers, and companies that put on events, parties and festivals. However, with the launch of the music division, whether one is a singer or has produced a major hit, their campaigns are a suitable option. The Bailey Agency is also currently accepting new music talent for their music roster for talent in need of joint PR services and talent representation.

The Bailey Agency helps up-and-coming, established artists, celebrity, corporate brands, and talent in the music industry in need of publicity services, project and talent management. By creating and maintaining a strong community management presence across social media using digital and traditional PR, they are able to enhance a brand's media presence. Whether artists needs bio writing, short term or long term PR initiatives to generate a buzz and create excitement around their project, event, or release, the publicity team at The Bailey Agency has the knowledge, connections, tools and experience to get it done.

As a cutting-edge, full service entertainment public relations and marketing management firm, they build innovative PR and publicity campaigns of great value or clients in need of generating a buzz and gaining attention to their product, project, release or event. They develop marketing strategies that are tailored to their client's brand, and provide a strategic map aligned with the clients marketing efforts. Head-quartered in Richmond, Virginia, the firm provides nationwide public relations, media management, marketing services and music promotion to artists and brands interested in accelerating their growth, reputation and market presence through media relations, product launches, events and promotions, and more.

"I have been in the entertainment industry, music specifically, providing PR services such as press release writing and distribution, pitching stories to media, journalist and news authorities and managing entertainment events for the pasts 15 years. So it only made sense to marry these elements into a full service PR firm that specializes in supporting the publicity of artists and their brands," says Renee Bailey CEO and Executive PR/Media Management Director

The Bailey Agency also provides social media management, website development, marketing services, press release writing and distribution, publicity strategy, and sponsorship consultation. Offering full service options allows clients to build their brand and position themselves within their industry. The Bailey Agency has access to the world's largest media database, press release distribution, and influencer outreach. With their customized PR campaigns that include online, traditional and social media coverage, the results can be amazing and take ones career, product or event to the next level.

With more than 15 years of experience, the firm executes a substantial level of command when it comes to pitching and endorsing brands to the media. "We find the right influencer, tell your signature story, track your story, and analyze its impact. With holistic and forward-thinking PR services tailored to specific needs, we revel in providing representation and effective PR campaigns for corporate brands and the entertainment industry to include musicians, actors, authors, events and more," says Bailey.

The Bailey Agency has several digital (online) and print publicity campaign options. With access to an extensive media database, news management, social and the ability to provide for analytics and reporting, they can plan, execute and get results. Their PR campaigns are suitable for: Arts & Entertainment; Musicians, Singers, Associations & Non-Profits; Athletic Teams; Authors & Self-Publishers; Bands, Musicians, DJ's & Producers; Business Professionals; Events, Tours & Festivals; Fashion Designers; Independent Record Labels, Models, Nightclubs & Lounges, Small Business; Travel & Hospitality; Technology; Restaurants; and more.

"We are not talent managers, we are a PR firm. However, we can provide talent management for those music artists who need or request publicity services and talent management. I know what artists need and what they want in a PR campaign because I was there," says Bailey

With the right customized PR campaigns, the firm can create a buzz about ones brand, obtaining features in blogs, interviews, podcasts, press and news release, and iRadio. They can measure social activities, tell and track their client's story, find the right influencer, and analyze the effectiveness of each campaign.

"One of the best strategies to quickly establish credibility, get known and differentiate yourself other brands is to share your signature story," says Bailey.

About The Bailey Agency
The Bailey Agency crafts an engaging story that builds a memorable brand. The firm uses professional U.S based writers to create their clients signature story, press release and bio's and distribution service through the #1 news release service in the world. They even can provide Time Square promotion. Their professional web designers and developers will create a professional, custom website to help define their client's brand. They graphic artists and designers can help get the professional look wanted and create a consistent and coordinated look. From business cards letterhead to logo design, flyers and brochures, they can help with brand expansion online and offline.

With the support of partners, vendors and extended network, they offer professional advisory services to properties in the sports, entertainment, and event industry for sponsorships, publicity, and digital, print and social marketing. They also works with their clients to develop plans and handle the execution of events, tours and bookings.

With social media branding, boosts, and management, they can post, comment and create content for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to engage customers and help defend their clients brand. Whether one simply needs a consistent boost in fans and likes or full social media management, their social media experts can help build a memorable brand.

The Bailey Agency is currently accepting music clients such as singers, bands and music groups, in need of PR campaigns and media relations management to add to their roster. For representation or to receive a quote, contact The Bailey Agency at If you are interested in becoming a talent representative for the firm, send an email to the contact information below.

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