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The BitcoinBanc Discusses Three Money Management Strategies for the Traders

Popular online platform for Bitcoin trading, the Bitcoinbanc has recently published an insightful article discussing three key money marketing strategies. With world-class Bitcoin trading tools, this platform helps all types of traders make guaranteed profits.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2016 --The BitcoinBanc has just come up with a detailed article via their blog, revealing three common money marketing strategies for the traders. This online platform was launched recently to help traders make guaranteed and automated Bitcoin profits with minimum risk. The trading program created by the Bitcoinbanc includes both managed account strategies and robot strategies. Bitcoin trading enthusiasts can join this platform for free to start trading.

The BitcoinBanc was created by a team of currency and commodity trading experts with a combined trading experience of more than four decades. This team takes an active interest in helping the aspiring Bitcoin traders enrich their knowledge. The article published recently on their website is intended to help readers set the level of risk before placing a trade.

The initial part of the article discusses the importance of the level of risk in trading. "Money management allows you to define the level of risk that is suitable for your financial goals. There are usually three levels of risks that a trader is willing to take in Bitcoin trading: Low risk, Medium and High risk. For each level of risk, different strategies are designed in order to tackle them efficiently," it says.

The article recommends low risk money management strategy for the traders that are happy with a relatively slow growth rate. The disadvantage of this strategy is that the chance of making quick profits is very low. However, there are only low level losses for using this strategy. The BitcoinBanc suggests that a medium risk strategy is suitable for investors that want faster growth, but don't have enough capital to support high-risk trading. This strategy's main benefit is that it brings stability to the portfolio of the investor. Finally, the article mentions that high-risk trading should only be done by investors that are willing to make high profits and have the capital flexibility to do so.

Talking about the just published article, the company's spokesperson Brandon Burton stated, "We are extremely focused on helping traders make the most appropriate trading decisions by providing them the power of knowledge. We have just started, and more articles of this type will regularly be published in our blog in the near future."

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The Bitcoinbanc is a group of four professional forex traders who collectively discovered the lucrative world of BITCOIN trading in the past couple years. For the past 17 years (41 years combined experiences) they have traded their own investment portfolios. In 2013, the team started managing OPM (other people's money) in exchange for a small percentage of total money under management. Fast forward to today – they apply this approach on a much broader scale and they have found tremendous success in the world of Bitcoin trading.