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The Boston Party Bus Ensures Extensive Sanitization & Safety Precautions for Party Bus Services


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2021 --In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased need for sanitization of shared spaces, The Boston Party Bus is proud to announce its industry-leading, enhanced safety precautions and cleaning procedures for its fleet of party buses and luxury vehicles.

Enhanced sanitization and cleaning are more important than ever before, to ensure everyone's safety while businesses slowly reopen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Shared spaces and those hosting crowds regularly such as restaurants, nightclubs, and party venues have been encouraged to use added caution and employ enhanced cleaning techniques for various surfaces and utensils.

The Boston Party Bus, the area's premier provider of luxury party bus service in Boston, is not allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to slow its commitment to customer service and is proud to announce their enhanced cleaning and sanitization techniques during these difficult and troublesome times. "We've always been dedicated to offering clients the cleanest party bus in Boston," states a company representative. "But now, more than ever, we ensure nothing is overlooked during the cleaning process and have added sanitization procedures designed to ensure a safe and hygienic bus or Boston limo, not one that's simply dirt-free!"

The owner of The Boston Party Bus notes that their standard cleaning procedures in the past were always quite thorough, including full-scale vacuuming and wiping down of upholstered and leather seating, cleaning rails and windows, and sanitizing ice coolers and food service stations. "We've taken it one step further," he says, "using the same sanitizing process normally reserved for food stations on all interior surfaces of our buses and Boston limo rentals."

He also states how vital it is for businesses to note the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. "Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Sanitizing removes germs, bacteria, allergens, and airborne viruses such as COVID." Proper sanitizing means more than just vacuuming furniture and wiping surfaces with everyday cleaners, as standard glass cleaners and damp dust rags simply don't remove harmful irritants.

"More and more businesses are staying attentive to cleaning surfaces touched by the public or a variety of customers, and you understand the challenges with a party bus in Boston, as virtually every indoor surface might be touched by customers!" The Boston Party Bus is up to the challenge, however, as he states that their cleaning process now goes beyond visible dirt and fingerprints. "We kept things pretty inclusive before but now, with the COVID pandemic, we ensure no surface is left untouched even if it looks clean on the first inspection." This is a vital practice for businesses today, he stresses, and one he hopes other party bus and limo service companies follow. "Don't clean just according to what you can see, but assume that every surface in your shop or restaurant could hold the virus."

Surfaces aren't the only areas needing cleaning, he also emphasizes. "As the COVID virus is airborne," he continues, "it's also necessary to ensure the air itself is safe and germ-free!" To that end, The Boston Party Bus has increased air circulation inside their buses and Boston limos, letting doors and windows stay open as much as possible before and after every service call. "We also clean all the air vents inside our party bus for Boston customers, to remove any lingering irritants. It's a tedious task, but if it helps keep passengers and drivers safe then it's worth every minute spent doing it."

Speaking of drivers, The Boston Party Bus has also assured that their drivers are using added caution during each pickup and trip around the city. The Boston Party Bus has issued a full mask mandate for every driver, protecting themselves and their passengers. Drivers also wear white gloves, not just to make themselves look more presentable but also to avoid contact with surfaces on a freshly cleaned party bus in Boston!

"We're also providing hand sanitizer in the bus and clean trash receptacles for tossing tissues and wipes," he states. "We know our customers can trust our cleaning process but also want to take every precaution for avoiding COVID and other viruses, so we're happy to supply them with sanitizer, face coverings, and can discuss any special precautions they might prefer before signing on for a party bus service in Boston."

The Boston Party Bus also emphasizes that buses and limousines are given a thorough clean after every ride, no matter how quick or the number of riders. "Even if it's just one person who needs a limo service for a quick airport run, we sanitize the vehicle thoroughly before anyone gets on board and after their trip is through."

While it's vital for local businesses to follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and limited capacity for their customers, and their recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing their facilities, The Boston Party Bus certainly knows a thing or two about customer safety! They have been serving the greater Boston area for over 20 years and is dedicated to ensuring a safe yet enjoyable trip for every passenger. Their drivers are all highly trained and thoroughly screened, with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction.

"We know that passengers rent a party bus in Boston to have fun or want to enjoy their time when in a Boston limo, but safety has always come first here at The Boston Party Bus," he emphasizes. "We never book a group too large for any of our vehicles and keep added watch on anyone that might have had a bit too much to drink that night. Whatever the occasion, we want our guests to have fun but for everyone to get home safe. That certainly hasn't changed but has just become all the more important as we get through this COVID-19 pandemic."

For more information about these added sanitizing steps or other enhanced safety measures, don't hesitate to contact The Boston Party Bus. With customers having added concern these days, company reps have emphasized that they're ready to answer any questions and work with their customers to ensure their safety and comfort when in one of their buses or Boston limos.

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