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The Boston Roofers Local Roofing Company Holding Strong & Staying Busy During COVID-19 Outbreak

Calls for roof repairs, roof maintenance, and other services during statewide shutdown and stay-at-home orders continue to trend according to The Boston Roofers by United Better Homes.


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2020 --While many around the country and the globe believe as though their lives are standing still, The Boston Roofers aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

"This has been one of our busiest seasons yet, and I have a feeling it could be because homeowners are spending more time at their personal properties. The stay-at-home orders issued throughout the state have put us in our houses for longer periods of time than normal, and the people we hear from say that they likely wouldn't have even noticed the need for a roof repair or other service if they had been sticking closer to their normal hectic schedules," The Boston Roofers company representative has been recorded stating.

The shutdown has impacted nearly everyone in Boston, MA, including those in the foodservice industry, manufacturing, and anyone else that typically has close contact with the public. To attempt at stopping the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 infections, government officials have been ordering people to stay home and only to travel out for essentials since the pandemic struck back in March of 2020. While restrictions are slowly starting to lift, many are still without work, meaning they are much more aware of the current condition of their properties where most time is being spent these days.

The Boston Roofers by United Better Homes has been working and living in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas for 20 years. During that time, they have become friends with customers, and long-lasting relationships aren't scarce among the homeowners and business operators that they deal with. So, when the pandemic hit, the team knew that they were going to do whatever it took to keep everyone safe.

Roofing inspection and roof repair evaluations have always been a free service provided by The Boston Roofers. Instead of waiting for people to call to schedule a roofing service, which wasn't likely while minds were focused on the health and well-being of themselves and their family, these roofing contractors hit the pavement. The experts traveled through Suffolk County, Middlesex County, and Norfolk County knocking on doors and making themselves available to the community. Highly-trained eyes caught a plethora of roof repair in Boston issues that could have turned into catastrophic problems if they hadn't taken care of it immediately.

Now that the coronavirus's initial shock and excitement are starting to calm down a bit, residents are getting used to the "new normal." The Boston Roofers are no longer traveling around to check on roofs independently because their phones won't stop ringing. With so many unemployed and so many others not able to get out, thoughts are shifting to the structural integrity of buildings of all shapes and sizes. The roof repairs that would have been overlooked for days, weeks, or months, are now at the top of many to-do lists.

The Boston Roofers don't want you to be discouraged from calling them if you think that you may have a roof repair need. Even though they are busy, they are making time and extending their workdays to keep up with the rising demand. Leaks, missing shingles, and aged roof systems are more than just a nuisance, and in some instances, can wind up costing thousands of dollars if left untreated. The roofing company has someone available to do emergency roof inspections for anyone who finds they have suffered damages that have to be dealt with right away.

As a highly-trained team of professional roofing contractors, these roofers know how to prioritize their work to ensure the safety and security of every customer. Guaranteed time for completion is one of the roofing company's primary offerings, and they are still honoring that same promise. Each individual gets to take advantage of the free inspection or evaluation completed by a GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractor. Regardless of the project type, everyone can expect straightforward, honest, fair solutions. The Boston Roofers by United Better Homes has been educated on the proper methods for no contact or social distancing roof repairs. They put in the extra effort for those with weakened immune systems or concerns about the spread of coronavirus. The roofing company ensures all precautions are being taken.

One of the biggest struggles that The Boston Roofers see is people's ability to pay for a roof repair right now. The economy isn't in the most desirable state, and there are millions unemployed, bumping home repairs down the list on personal budgets. "We know that individuals are having a hard time financially right now, and we don't think that's a reason for them to have to risk the safety and security of their home or their families," the roofing company owner mentioned recently. "That's why we have zero-interest financing options available for those that qualify. Even better is, we don't require a down payment, and that's what people need right now."

For more information about getting your roof repair, roof replacement, or roof maintenance service scheduled, you can email the knowledgeable customer service department for The Boston Roofers by United Better Homes at Customers are also advised to review their user-friendly and extremely informative website, A convenient free online quote is prepared there for those that are ready to make an appointment.

About The Boston Roofers
The Boston Roofers by United Better Homes was established in the Boston, MA, region in 2003. Since then, the roofing company has built its brand on customer service, high-quality products, and superior results for residential and commercial roofing services. GAF Master Elite certified roofing professionals employed here have gone through extensive training to secure every roof repair, installation, maintenance, or replacement is in line with the industry standards. They go above and beyond other roofing companies in Boston with lifetime warranties and flexible financing. Finally, they value integrity and honesty, never forcing or tricking an unsuspecting homeowner into surprising charges or undesired services. Their no-pressure sales tactic is unique, and one that clients continue to talk about through their widespread 5-star ratings and positive customer reviews.