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The Brand New Z10, a Panel Connects Smart Home & Video Intercom


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2020 --Smart Touch Z10, where Smart Home meets Video Intercom.

In 2020, the GVS Gem series smart screen Z10 will be launched.

Different from the traditional indoor unit installed in the hallway, Z10 integrates the functions of video intercom, smart home, and smart community, and fully integrates the functions of property payment, reporting for repairs, and linked smart bracelet health management, etc.

Users can choose the built-in KNX interface to achieve full integration with smart homes, give the indoor space extremely detailed environmental control effects, and enhance the comfort and convenience of the family.

At the same time, Z10 supports mobile phone remote control, supports 8 defense zones and anti-duress passwords, and can also be intelligently linked with sensors such as gas, smoke, and water, etc.

02 Smart Touch Z10, where you can easily control your home from a home-map

A very concise and direct logo-the multi-layer house map appears on the Z10 intuitively, guiding users to operate, so that complex functional requirements can be easily completed in one step.

Fluency and stability are GVS constant pursuit.

Z10 uses a unique interactive design style, allowing users to operate from single-point to multi-point touch, greatly reducing the chance of jamming, and also has touch sensing feedback.

At the same time, GVS prioritizes system resources so that important applications stay in your sight and all information is within reach. The homepage is equipped with different scene modes such as home, leaving, dining, Movie viewing, so that every smart scene can be reached with one touch.

There are many detailed optimizations, for example, pull down the menu, common functions are at your fingertips. Z10 collects commonly used shortcut operations, volume level, silent mode, screen brightness, etc. When you need it, open the main interface and pull down.

03 Smart Touch Z10, a product where esthetic UI and artistic taste merge

Z10 uses aerospace-grade aluminum profiles and exquisite craftsmanship to create a new indoor interactive terminal; the simple appearance presents the effect, the ultra-thin and ultra-narrow frame design effectively enhances the large screen-to-frame ratio, and the surface is more moist and tactile.

Z10 is equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS high-definition screen to experience the comfort of a large screen, making every touch easy and comfortable.

Also, the standard 86 box installation method, combined with magnetic suction + wall-mounted installation, makes installation very easy.

In terms of the anti-aging ability of the product, the surface anti-scratch and abrasion resistance of the product are improved; and the outer shell material with better flame is selected, and the special setting is set to prevent violent forced demolition, which effectively improves the product life.

Either appearance or UI interface, Z10 reshapes contemporary charm in a smart combination, presenting natural and simple scene manipulation. It can replace the porch switch and can be used flexibly in villas, communities, and bedrooms.

When people are no longer satisfied with the intelligent control of the whole house, it is better to actively break the boundary between the smart home and the smart community and extend the intelligent control to the family territory.

More fabulous your life will be the moment Z10 enters, so why not come take a look?!

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