The Buttress: The World's Most Bootyful Pillow


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2017 --Jiayang Guo has designed a comfortable, 100% natural latex pillow in the shape of a voluptuous set of buttocks. It is meant to bring peace and happiness as well as provide comfort and cradling support. The Buttress is a fit for all kinds of sleepers, butt squeezers, butt slappers, butt cuddlers and face buriers.

"Most people can't help but smile when they first behold the Buttress," said Jia, creator of the Buttress. "People get giddy just looking at it. There is really a certain indescribable joy you get from the Buttress, especially when you're burying your face in it!"

Jia describes how his girlfriend recently had to move away; the Buttress dressed with her undies and favorite perfume is an enormous comfort to him. When he puts his head into the cheeks of the Buttress pillow, he feels at peace.

Jia feels that in this time of high tech gadgets and expensive gimmicks, his simple idea of a life-sized, butt-shaped pillow can take people back to basics and bring comfort in a natural, affordable way. The Buttress will help make people's lives warmer and more fun and remind us to laugh and appreciate the stupid things in life. At the same time, the Buttress serves a practical purpose as it comfortably cradles the head, and can be positioned to suit most kinds of sleeping styles. The novelty element of the Buttress makes it a perfect gift and users can dress their Buttress in a pair of undies to personalize.

The natural latex used in the Buttress is made from the sap of trees; not only does latex resemble the feel of butts, but it is safe to sleep on and is considered to be one of the highest quality materials for bedding and pillows. For those who are concerned that they are allergic to latex, Jia says that the protein that causes allergies is practically eliminated from his product and the latex will never come into contact with the skin because of the cotton and spandex covering.

The Buttress comes in two different sizes: Original Double Bubble (ODB) with Oh My God Look at That Butt!! (OMG!) coming soon. Initially, covers will be in a black, aqua or white with a cotton and spandex yoga pants-like cover. Covers are machine washable and each Buttress has a strap for easy carrying.

The Buttress is available on Kickstarter early next year with some fantastic Early Bird offers available. Jia has plans for non-latex alternatives, a huge variety of pillow cases, custom pillow cases, and Buttresses than can be customized to match the size and shape of customers' own butts.

To find out more or sign up to get your very own Buttress, visit the 'Butt Launch' page here: