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The Canvas Prints Provides Cheap and Quick Photos to Canvas Printing

The Canvas Prints provides homeowners and photographers a unique way to use their favorite photos. The company prints photos on canvas with the help of their online application.


Greater Manchester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --An online company is delighted to share their web application that allows a person to customize canvas prints online. The website,, comes with an interactive platform that allows a person to upload a photo, choose a printing style and make the necessary edits for the canvas prints.

The platform consists of five easy steps. The first step is choosing the printing styles which are single image on single canvas, single image on multiple canvas and canvas wall display package.Single image on single canvas printsone photo on a canvas print with 42 different sizes available.Single image on multiple canvas printsone photo across multiple canvases. Printing on multiple panels is ideal for large photos. Lastly, canvas wall display package allowsmultiple panels with different photos. There are existing packages that can be used by a client. After choosing the printing style, the next step is choosing the wrap style. In gallery wrap, a client can have the image wrapped around the frame. Solid color wrap allows a person to choose a color to wrap around the frame while mirror wrap utilizes a mirror image for the frame. The next important step is choosing or uploading images. A client can upload from his/her own personal computer or from other online sources such as Facebook, Google + and Instagram. A person can upload multiple photos as he/she see fit. After uploading, the client will select which images to print on the canvas. After an image is selected, the clientwillcustomize and edit the photo. The platform allows multiple editing features such as choosing a custom size, creating image effects, changing the orientation of the image and so much more. A preview feature is also included to help a person keep track of the changes. After the image is finalized, the last step would be adding the image to the cart for purchase. The Canvas Prints recently launched an infographics on how to print a photo online.

The Canvas Prints hopes that homeowners and photographer will find a new way to beautify their homes or treasure their photos through their online platform. Visit to know more about their services.

About The Canvas Prints
The Canvas Prints provides cheap canvas prints through their online photos to canvas application. The company is located at Union Mill, Vernon Street, Bolton, Bl1 2PT. Their number is 01204380895 and email address is