The CarryMaster Is the Shopping Cart That's Taken Home


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2017 --CarryMaster, the cart shoppers can take home, is the superior option for carrying anything from the store to the house and is live on Indiegogo raising funds to bring the project to life.

The CarryMaster is a premium three-wheeled, multi-terrain trolley. It provides a solution for being able to complete all grocery shopping runs without needing a car. It has been painstakingly designed over a number of years, with ease of use and convenience for the user in mind. The result is a highly maneuverable and collapsible shopping cart that even includes a drink holder to stay caffeinated/hydrated on the go.

"Now, like never before, you can get in and out of the shops quicker and with less fuss, while leaving a positive impact on the environment," says CEO Peter Byrne. "Having your own personal shopper also means no longer worrying about the germs and possible contamination of your food due to the publicly used shopping cart."

With CarryMaster there are no more plastic bags - meaning less plastic pollution. No more short drives to the shops - meaning less carbon pollution. No parking challenges - meaning less stress. In addition, shoppers can also receive their daily exercise while shopping.

The CarryMaster has been manufactured with high quality components such as high grade anodized aluminum and plastic elements with glass filled nylon for durability. It's strong and built to last. The CarryMaster has the ability to carry four reusable saddle bags that are detachable and have a carry capacity of up to 70lbs. These 4 detachable, durable saddle bags each have a cover flap protecting the contents from rain and direct sunlight and the bags are especially designed to be used at the supermarket checkout for easy packing. If needed, the hardware can also be removed from the bags to be washed.

"The only other solution out there that is similar is the regular 'granny trolley'," adds Byrne. "However, CarryMaster is far superior as it collapses down for easy storage, has 4 separate bags, meaning you can complete all your shopping in one trip, and with 3 all-terrain wheels and a t-shaped handlebar the CarryMaster is ready to go shopping anytime, anyplace."

The CarryMaster is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About CarryMaster
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