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The Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle Helps "Get Your Head Right"

Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology and founder of Full Spectrum Medicine, Dr. Dan Engle launches The Concussion Repair Manual, A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries globally.


San Rafael, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2017 --Dr. Dan Engle entrepreneur, speaker, consultant author and founder of Full Spectrum Medicine launches The Concussion Repair Manual, A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries for those suffering after head traumas and those that support them.

The Concussion Repair Manual stems from a three-decade investigation into the many modalities for healing the author's own traumas, and which will help you to understand what processes naturally happen inside healthy brains, how traumatic brain injury (TBI) derails these natural processes, and what that means for you.

"A Game Changer. This book is the most useful piece of literature I have ever read on concussions." - Matt Cook, MD Founder, BioReset Medical

Concussion is the biggest name in today's high-impact sports. As more and more high-profile athletes come forward to share their stories of invisible suffering after head injuries, we as a culture are finally acknowledging this silent epidemic.

This book is one-part "textbook," packed with the leading research on medical technologies for healing the injured brain, and one-part "workbook," offering step-by-step methods for making and tracking a personalized recovery regimen.

Scott Sherr, MD says, "The conventional model of concussion recovery is broken. There is another, more comprehensive and integrative approach that can vastly improve the lives of patients. There is a better way and this is it."

This Manual is an overview of the most current, comprehensive TBI treatment tools and techniques that holistic and integrative medicine has to offer. Some of these therapies come from the newest frontiers in neuroscience, while others are rooted in ancient medicinal and indigenous traditions.

The old adage "everyone is unique" will be reiterated many times throughout the Manual and really cannot be said enough. It's tempting to judge resolution of these chronically held and often frustrating symptoms by expectations of "speed of cure" or "because that person got so much better so much faster than me." This Manual is not about curing anything. It is about working towards recovery in the best way for each person and assisting in tracking that progress.

"There are few topics in healthcare today receiving more attention than the long term damage from traumatic brain injury. Dr. Dan Engle has delivered the definitive resource that weaves together cutting edge technologies with traditional practices to provide both clinician and patient with the necessary tools to heal the injured brain. Whether you are a young athlete, military veteran, or an aging adult, The Concussion Repair Manual, is an invaluable guide to assist you on your path to recovery." - Harry McIlroy, MD Integrative Physician

About Dr. Dan Engle
Dr. Dan Engle is an entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and founder of Full Spectrum Medicine. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, with a clinical practice that combines aspects of functional medicine, integrative psychiatry, neurocognitive restoration and peak performance methods. His trans-disciplinary approach focuses on healing the body and brain, the heart and mind, and finally, integrates the spirit to help individuals optimize all aspects of health for sustained fulfillment. Dr. Engle lectures and consults globally and is the medical advisor to Onnit Labs, the True Rest Float Centers and several international treatment centers. His programs include Freedom From Meds and The Concussion Repair Manual.