The Conscience of Mainstream Bitcoin's Blockchain Tutorial


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2020 --Times are changing, there is no doubt about this. From "Internet+" to "blockchain", the innovative application of information technology is constantly iterating. And while resolving the trust problem, blockchain realizes the efficient transfer of value. The blockchain is slowly entering people's vision. An article pointed out that the four major development trends of blockchain in the future are: digital migration, Internet of value, social governance, social collaboration, trust infrastructure and changes in production relations.

The Internet is the driving force of many disruptive technologies. And blockchain is currently one of the most exciting technologies, especially after blockchain has risen to a national strategy, the huge market prospects behind the blockchain technology have become the focus of attention. In today's era of rapid development of emerging technologies, blockchain technology has gradually emerged. From its birth to today's application in various fields, blockchain technology has proved that it is an indispensable technology for the development of this era.

And behind blockchain, there are many investors who dare to be the first. They are keenly aware of the wealth opportunities that the digital currency nurtured by blockchain technology can bring. However, it is undeniable that there are too many investors who were dizzy when they first entered the currency circle. They consulted a lot of information on various websites, combined with their previous investment experience, and started their own currency circle career tremblingly.

Thus, a truly conscientious exchange came forward. As the trading medium most chosen by investors, they believe that they must shoulder their responsibilities., as one of the world's largest spot exchange, has served countless users in seven years. As a leading exchange, it is natural to know what kind of stumbling investors will face. has launched several series of courses in the simplest and most straightforward way to help investors understand the areas they are talking about. I will just list a few recent series of courses at will. One is the "Advanced Trading Compulsory Course" jointly produced by Research Institute and ZBG Contract Compulsory Course. As a more subject-oriented course, invited two well-known foreign companies who had worked at Nippon Gosei Co., Ltd. and JPMorgan Chase, and twice as invited guests to visit CCTV's finance and economics program as the course lecturer. He has 13 years of experience in secondary market derivatives market investment research and in-depth research on macro cycles, national policies, and large asset allocations. He has the highest management fund scale of 700 million, and has deployed international capital markets.

The other is the main column "Seriously, Blockchain" which is easy to understand and uses fragmented time to carry out science popularization. This column is personally explained by the CMO of, who used simple, easy-to-understand, lively and interesting language to let investors know the topics of the column clearly in a short time. These two projects have really helped a lot of investors.

Of course, there is definitely more than this exchange that provides blockchain tutorials. But as the leading digital currency exchange, they do indeed take their responsibilities. The tutorials they put out with great effort have indeed helped many people in the blockchain industry, currency enthusiasts and investors in many regions. The conscience of mainstream Bitcoin exchanges may be here.