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The Coronavirus and Its Impact on Jet Aircraft Sales


Cornelius, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2020 --The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted private jet aircraft sales in a surprising way. Professional aircraft brokers at Corporate Fleets Services (CFS Jets) record strong private aircraft transactions despite the Coronavirus crisis.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a global panic that has stretched across nations. While individuals from all over the world continue to abide by social distancing regulations and mandatory quarantines, the global economy has come to a halt as professionals and individuals wait out the COVID-19 pandemic.

While presumably, jet aircraft sales would plummet, aircraft brokers at CFS Jets have found that private aircraft sales and acquisitions have remained strong during the global pandemic. No one can say for sure, why this is, but there are a few theories that can prove why the private jet market has remained strong during the COVID-19 crisis.

Jet aircraft sales may remain consistent due to the new concept of social distancing. Keeping a healthy distance of 6-feet from others can prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and save lives. Airports are full of individuals that may be carriers of the virus, which may drive individuals to purchase their own private aircraft to avoid airport crowds and remain protected from carriers.

Another concept that may support the steadiness in private aircraft acquisitions is the status of international borders. With many borders closing, the future of air travel is in question. Having private aircraft may open more opportunities for international travel in the near future.

On the same theme, many airlines have shut their doors, causing complications for individuals who need to travel for work or personal purposes. While some borders are not closed, the closing down of popular airlines had put a stunt to international travel plans and can be harmful to businesses that rely on face-to-face international transactions. Private executive aircraft can combat this issue with private jet travel all around the world despite the recent changes popular airlines have made to travel itineraries.

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Corporate Fleet Services is an international private jet sales and acquisition company that sells and trades used private aircraft to individuals around the world. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, aircraft brokers at CFS Jets have recorded strong jet aircraft sales and acquisitions during the Coronavirus pandemic. With a reputation for quality services that dates back to 1984, CFS Jets is known for its speedy turn-around time and an impressive inventory of private aircraft for sale that fits every budget. For more information on private aircraft acquisition call (704)-359-0007 or visit today!