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The Creator of Oh the Stories We Tell Gives the Answer to Unlocking Why Humans Suffer and How to Create Greater Meaning

Chris Templeton of Oh The Stories We Tell identifies self-awareness as one of the answers to life’s most sought after questions.


Napa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2019 --One of life's greatest quests is to understand the human condition and how to cope with life's struggles. Yet, most fail to realize they must first look at the stories of these struggles they tell, and how they inevitably shape the course in which their life leads. These struggles could be in relationships, at work, dealing in personal finances, or how one views themselves and others. Regardless of the situation, these struggles can leave a person feeling stuck. Some individuals contend with these struggles and wear a happy face, others have a more bitter outlook, and sometimes, it's a bit of both.

Model developer, Chris Templeton, explores the integral role of storytelling in our lives by saying, "We all tell stories, and while some of these stories do serve a greater good in our lives, those that do us a disservice have the greatest impact on how we live our lives. As you become aware of these stories and the world around you, you begin to stop living life by default."

Templeton pinpoints the first step to being freed from the weight some of these stories carry is to answer three simple questions. The questions are:

- What is the story I'm telling?
- Is this story serving me at this moment?
- Am I able to create a more authentic story?

When one addresses their life's stories through these questions, they can begin to create new and more authentic stories that serve their best interest. Each question develops a higher level of self-awareness that aids in dramatically improving well-being and creates a far more meaningful life. It provides the ability to tap into passion, redefine life, and let go of the things that cannot be controlled.

Once these questions are answered, Templeton points to renowned Austrian psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, for the next step in shaping a life with meaning. Frankl states, "Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

By harnessing the power of self-awareness, one can then begin the process of increasing the space between stimulus and response. With that space, they are able to move from default stories to deliberate behavior that serves them and those they interact with. As a result, it gives the ability to build the foundation to understand other human behavior, drive the development of healthy relationships, and have the utmost control of both the perception of others, as well as how others perceive things and people around them.

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Oh The Stories We Tell is an inspirational website founded by Chris Templeton.

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Driven by the strong desire to better understand the dynamics of personal and professional relationships, Chris Templeton began studying the reason behind human suffering in 2003, thus borning the Oh The Stories We Tell model. After years of studying and analysis, he has gone on to practicing the model through consulting individuals and organizations seeking to uncover and relieve themselves from their life's sufferings. This is the first article in a multi-part series that will explore the process of removing one's self from stories that are not subservient to their well-being and crafting a life of meaning.

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