The Declaration of Consciousness Movement

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement Raises Funds for a Radical Shift in Awareness

With only days left on the clock for their Indiegogo crowdfunding project the creators of The Declaration of Consciousness Movement embolden their efforts to raise monetary support. The Movement’s mission is to acquire one billion signatures and $1,000,000 in support of a radical shift of consciousness.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2014 --Focused on the well-being and peaceful co-existence of every soul Tapasyogi Nandhi, founder of The Declaration of Consciousness Movement (DOCM), reaches out for monetary support. Having launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a technological push toward higher consciousness DOCM is in great need of immediate interest. The Movement endeavors to raise $1,000,000 to support their raising of consciousness via enterprise, entertainment and media. Seeing the need to amplify the collective voice of all “Global Conscious Aspirations”.

Funds raised by way of the DOCM Indiegogo campaign will go toward the creation of a technology platform. The first leg of the mission will be an app entitled “Be Consciousness”. With the convenience only the digital age can provide the app will give access to ongoing inspiring and empowering consciousness messages. These messages will include self-empowerment, inspirational movies, documentaries and various other content designed to enlighten the awareness of the user. Interactive, the Be Consciousness app will also allow the conscious community to suggest inspiring content to other users.

Nandhi said of the push toward a new awareness, “We want to see the evolution of the Declaration of Independence in our times. We are the people of the planet who collectively know we need to address a number of global issues. It is only with unity of consciousness and peaceful co-existence that we will implement viable solutions.”

The Movement seeks to bring attention to the following:

Upholding Ahimsa / Non-Violence
Empowerment & Equality of Women
Freedom and Equality for All Humanity
Protecting Children
Honoring and Caring for Elders
Inspiring Independent Thinking
Institutional Transformation
Exploration of New Science and Technology
Greening & Preserving Earth
Universal Spiritual Freedom

About The Declaration of Consciousness Movement
The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is a movement founded by Tapasyogi Nandhi that seeks to implement solutions to pressing global issues. The Movement seeks to actively promote consciousness through technology, strategic global collaboration and grassroots activism. Nandhi and his Consciousness Movement seeks to enliven global peace and prosperity as a natural outcome of focusing on women’s rights, the protection of children and the respect of elders. The Movement supports independent thinking and green initiatives among other transformational endeavors.


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