The Deplorable Deck Is a Set of Playing Cards That Pokes Fun at the Presidency


Des Moines, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2018 --Donald Trump's presidency has its share of supporters, but the Deplorable Deck is for those on the other side of the aisle. It is a full set of 54 playing cards depicting a variety of characters from Trump's inner circle in a humorous, satirical way.

Each face card, plus the ace and 10 cards, features a hand-painted illustration of someone in Trump's administration, Congress, the media or his family. President Trump himself graces the king card of every suit. Within the illustrations, players will find many hidden nods to current events. They'll find something new every time they look. Esteemed political cartoonist, Brian Duffy, created the artwork for all of the cards.

The cards are printed on casino-grade card stock to ensure their quality and longevity. They also feature an Air Cushion finish, making them easy to play with, shuffle and fan. The design of the tuck box is still underway, but the creators promise that it will stand out from any other deck of cards customers may have in their collections.

Because the Deplorable Deck shows a clear point of view with regards to politics, the creators aren't shy about discussing their own political leanings. A portion of the proceeds from each deck sold will go towards supporting Democratic candidates in future elections.

The creators are in the process of finalizing the designs for all of the cards and will soon be ready to move forward with production. To help achieve this goal, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $15,000. At the time of this release, the campaign had already brought in more than $7,300 from over 140 individual backers.

Those who contribute to the campaign can get their own Deplorable Deck for just $15. This represents a 25-percent discount off the expected retail price of $20. For $30, backers will receive one Deplorable Deck, as well as a collectible, commemorative coin, a $50 value. At higher contribution levels, backers can get multiple decks, coins and bonus rewards, including t-shirts and art prints of the card artwork. Those who order six or more decks will be eligible for free shipping in the United States. Backers can expect to receive their rewards in December 2018.