The DIDGETS Collection Is a Line of Luxury Fidget Tools Backed by Clinical Research


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2016 --DIDGETS, an all new collection of luxury fidget tools designed to help creative minds fidget focus, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Collection was inspired by the flawed approach society uses to address people with ADD and ADHD; alternatives needed to be explored. Experts say that fidgeting increases focus on the primary task at hand. The idea behind effective fidgeting is having something stimulating and soothing- but in no way a distraction.

"Tired of the infantilization of ADD and ADHD we wanted to create high-quality fidget tools made from solid materials, like marble and copper. Simple iconic shapes that you actually want to hold on your hand and don't want to hide in your drawer," says co-creator Belen Tenorio. "Everything with the purpose to de-stigmatize ADD and ADHD. We actually believe ADD and ADHD are super powers, when channeled in the right direction. We want to empower people to dare to be who they are."

DIDGETS' goal is to stimulate senses through fidgeting to help improve focus. These beautifully crafted solid pieces have been designed to optimize double-tasking and make users feel damn good doing it. The DIDGETS Collection are not toys; instead they are simple solid tools that work with you to maintain focus on whatever is important to you in life. And they're hella fun.

For the Kickstarter campaign launch, DIDGET is launching a line of three luxe fidget tools; The Rollers, The Cubix and The Squishy. Backers of the project will have the option to vote on the tools being produced in a luxurious marble or corian and if properly cared for will last forever.

"In a world of computer screens and limited attention spans, we have designed The Didgets Collection- three sophisticated fidget tools where luxury meets the metaphysical," adds Tenorio. "Incorporating extensive research from neurologists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists' into the theory of fidgeting to focus, we have looked to those with ADD and ADHD super powers to inspire us."

The DIDGETS Collection is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2f2VBNm

DIDGETS is a women owned design studio based in NYC. Focused on creating solid, innovative tools with care. We are a creative duo, Belen Tenorio designer based in NYC  and Rachael Elspeth Elder a creative writer best in NYC and NZ. With the same passion to de-stigmatize the "abnormal", they decided to form a partnership to disrupt society together. They believe that great minds wouldn't sit still in a box, so why tell them to? 

For more information on DIDGETS please visit http://www.didgets.nyc

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