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The Diet Solution Program Review - Health Professional Weighs in on a Popular Diet Program

"Unscrupulous companies peddling worthless potions, pills and products along with the huge agricultural industry is not the answer to the lean, healthy body you can have..."


Springfield, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2012 --Weight loss plans, diets and “fat burning” supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry with many companies and marketers making millions of dollars on the public’s insatiable quest for a lean, movie star body.

But is all the money spent, making any difference on America’s waistlines?

A recent report from the Institute of Medicine predicts that “In less than 20 years, 40% of Americans will be obese,” and that more than half of our children will be obese.

The US Dept. of Agriculture after abandoning the “food pyramid” nutrition guidelines now uses the “My Plate” concept. However, can an organization (the US Dept. of Agriculture) truly give unbiased advice when their advice has a very direct and enormous impact on the entity (the agricultural industry) they represent?

“It’s like asking Bill Gates which operating system is better, Windows or Mac?” states Gregg Kellogg, a nutrition and exercise specialist from the Washington, DC area.

He continues, “After 20 years of experience with thousands of individuals, what works quickly and for the long-term is this: first learning what truly healthy, ‘fat burning’ foods are and then adding these into your daily meals while you take out the ‘fat storing’ foods you’ve probably been taught were healthy.”

“This process allows the body to become healthy again so that it can metabolize food properly while burning fat for fuel.”

Kellogg’s passion comes through in this statement, “Unscrupulous companies peddling worthless potions, pills and products along with the huge agricultural industry is not the answer to the lean, healthy body you can have and the lean healthy body you deserve.”

When asked what his specific recommendations where regarding the popular weight loss program “The Diet Solution Program”, he candidly responded,“Isabel De Los Rios’ [the creator of The Diet Solution] nutrition strategies are often in complete disagreement with mainstream advice but in complete agreement to what I have found works in the real world with real people.”

But he also warns “This program is not for individuals that are not willing to make some long-term dietary changes. Although results can be quick and dramatic, it’s learning to eat the healthy, fat burning foods most of the time and then strategically eating your favorite ‘cheat’ foods occasionally.”

The program may be particularly effective for those that have tried many programs or diets in the past and failed. Although not indorsed by all nutritionists, the program encourages eating based on your “metabolic type”. Using a five-minute questionnaire, you simply consume a little more or less carbohydrates, proteins or fats which are designed to accelerate fat loss based on your individual body type.

“I highly recommend The Diet Solution.” says Kellogg, “It’s been my mission to educate and inspire us all to eat, move and live in a way that encourages the highest levels of health and happiness. Following Isabel’s plan is a giant step to that end”.

It’s important to note that consumers interested in purchasing The Diet Solution should only do so through the official website which links to Click Bank’s secure order form. This insures you of receiving the most up to date edition along with the full 100% money back guarantee.

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Gregg Kellogg is a registered nurse and nutrition and exercise specialist with over 20 years’ experience helping individuals to lose weight while creating lean, vibrant healthy bodies. He can be contacted by clicking here.