The DirtGuard Auto Wash System Is Saving Cars from Exterior Damage

DirtGuard is a revolutionary auto wash system that protects the car's finish and paint.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2016 --DirtGuard, the revolutionary auto wash system that protects the car's paint and finish during car washes, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The DirtGuard is a patented washboard, triple strainer, enclosed filtration system. It's a tool for the bottom of the bucket, providing users with a dirt/grit free water, and wash mitt.

"I hopped online about 10 years ago looking for a tool to help me wash my new black Porsche and found myself empty-handed," says founder Joe Cresswell, "So I invented it myself. The DirtGuard today is on its fourth generation retooling. It can't be thought out any better."

The way it works is simple. The Washboard Triple Strainer Enclosed Filtration System allows water stays free of paint damaging elements while gravity & vacuum drags floating dirt to the bottom. The washboard design exfoliates the mitt/rag, and the filter traps grit and dirt inside and underneath. The DirtGuard Washboard will fit most 3-1/2 to 5 Gallon buckets.

The Smart Bucket is a custom designed bucket meant to work specifically with the system which has five custom grooves  cut around the bottom wall of the bucket allowing the DirtGuard Auto Washboard to snap in, stay secure, and at the same time making it easily removable.

"Anything even close is just a simple strainer concept without any dirt and grit control. It was common sense to me when you're washing a dirty car taking the dirt/grit off the paint it's only contaminating the wash mitt and water. Scratching your paint job with every swipe of the mitt," adds Cresswell.

About DirtGuard
The DirtGuard Auto Wash System is also Eco-Friendly. The system reduces the quantity of water used to wash the car. Unlike other systems that use multiple buckets or poor straining systems to complete a single task, the DirtGuard gives users an all-in-one system. Users need to simply pour the water out into the grass when finished instead of the local sewer run-off.

The complete DirtGuard Auto Wash System Kit includes the washboard, triple strainer, enclosed filtration system, and the custom designed snap-in bucket system. It is ready to go, users simply need to add soap and water.

The DirtGuard Auto Wash System is now live and available on Indiegogo: