Divine Purpose School

The Divine Purpose School Launches to Make Living an Extraordinary Life Possible for Everyone

To uncover purposeful lives and help answer the age old question, “Why am I here?” millionaire business owner and mentor Nicole Robinson announces the launch of the Divine Purpose School.


Lafayette, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2016 --A new site launches to offer on-point mentorship by Nicole Robinson - the millionaire life coach, speaker who finds the spiritual edge in finding purpose. Offering insight from a woman who knows of what she speaks, the Divine Purpose School opens more doors than its own. It creates hope, supports purpose driven lives, and gives insightful next steps as the newest wellspring of expectancy.

The new online school starts with a three pronged mission as the cornerstone of every purpose driven practice. It's to find one's purpose, live intentionally, and create extraordinary peace and prosperity via an unearthed dream. Offering integral business coaching Robinson offers her own experience as a bedrock. She was once a single mother with two jobs and a nominal $200 to start a business. A business that would soon grow through tremendous challenges to encompass national clientele and million dollar revenues.

Robinson said of the leadership coaching website launch, "Every time I've stepped out on a limb, it's brought me to another level. You've got to take action. You've got to hit the ground running. And that starts with renewing your mind to believe that there's more for you and you can have it."

The Divine Purpose School provides programs that help mentees clarify what they're striving for in life and in business. Strategies are then given to not only overcome obstacles, that too often identify themselves as insecurities, but to give practical resources for reaching that newly identified potential.

The life coach goes on to offer a gentle nudge in the right direction, "Start simple. Start by asking yourself, 'If I step out in faith, what's the worst thing that could happen?'"

For more information or to book Nicole Robinson for a coaching or event visit www.divinepurposeschool.org.

About Divine Purpose School
The Divine Purpose School is a website launched by Nicole Robinson. The site offers resources for a purpose driven life via spiritual, business, corporate and leadership coaching.

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