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The Dovetail End Table Is a Modern Table Inspired by Ancient Joinery, Blending the Best of Western and Eastern Designs


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --We Living, the groundbreaking new furniture startup that melds the contemporary with the traditional, is live on Indiegogo and introducing their flagship piece- the Dovetail End Table.

The Dovetail End Table is the signature piece of We Living and the result of a design journey that melds the traditional woodworking of the Eastern world with the modern sensibilities of the West. The result is a graceful end table that looks like nothing else on the market while at the same time also feeling like it could belong anywhere- ancient craftsmanship meets modern aesthetics.

"Our main inspiration came from studying the practicality and beauty of ancient woodworking joineries. There are many hidden and beautiful techniques that can be used as joineries to combine two pieces of wood. We found that the dovetail joint has the charm to have both a classic and a modern appeal," says Kaichuan Wang, Head of Design and Co-founder. "The dovetail is a commonly used joint in woodworking today to connect and reinforce panels on cabinets and tables. Besides being gracefully beautiful, dovetail joint provides both strong horizontal and vertical structural support."

The table panels are fashioned from a deep walnut or a rich cherry wood, while the legs are constructed from a lighter colored ash wood to create a beautiful contrast. Natural finishes are used to preserve the look and feel of the original solid wood. In ancient China, woodworkers would masterfully chisel each dovetail by hand. However, it was standard practice in that period to hide these joints out of view; the master craftsmanship hidden and therefore unappreciated. We Living is hoping to expose and liberate these beautiful joineries, and present them as their own respective design elements.

The tables are proudly manufactured with a local American factory in central Pennsylvania using custom tooling and modern processes created with the impeccable standards that can be expected from a product manufactured in the USA. The Dovetail End Table measures approximately 22 inches tall, with a 14 inch diameter on the top panel, and 12 inches for the bottom panel.

"Chinese traditional woodworking was on its peak about 800 years ago. It inspired the object construction techniques nowadays very much as a rich resource. Sadly, it did not quite follow the step of industrial involution in the past hundreds of years," says Yifan Yang, CEO and Co-founder. "I have always been wondering what if we combine the western efficient machinery and the eastern masterful understanding of the materials. WE Living aims to offer something different and unique by taking good from both eastern and western aesthetics."

The We Living Dovetail End Table is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dovetail-end-table-unique-for-your-home-design-furniture#/

About We Living
WE Living is a New York City-based furniture startup featuring unique designs that meld the beauty of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. The brand's signature joinery feature derives from the most enduring techniques used in traditional Chinese woodworking. "WE" stands for West & East. This describes our design approach--a celebration of Western contemporary and Chinese traditional furniture making. This month, WE Living is launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to jump start production.

For more information on We Living please visit http://www.weliving.us