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The Fall of the Interior Designer

The Interior Design profession seems to be dying as DIY enthusiasts prosper.


Lancashire, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/21/2013 --Television shows like the Changing Rooms have curbed the early 90s fascination with interior designers. Homeowners have realised that they there are many benefits to designing and decorating their own home. Being able to decorate the home to their own exact specifications and within a tight budget appeals to many people. This has led to interior designers struggling to make an impact upon the decorating industry.

During the 1980s many young professionals were seeking the help of interior designers to try and achieve unique appearances. The yuppies of the generation were aspirational and wanted to replicate the living standards of the rich and the famous. This generation did not realise that they could replicate this look by themselves and on a relatively tight budget.

The lack of coverage that was afforded interior design before the 1990s allowed interior designers to prosper. Subsequent television programmes and websites have educated the masses about designing their homes.

The main lesson that has been taught by such programmes and websites is correct and intelligent budgeting. Grand Designs in particular educates viewers about the pitfalls of uneducated budgeting. Innumerate episodes have seen decorators struggle to complete their designs due to budgets that have not taken all factors into account when deciding the budget.

High Gloss Furniture has proven to be an attractive and cost-effective addition to many homes. The sleek and shiny exterior adds a touch of elegance to the home. White High Gloss Furniture in particular adds a sense of additional space to small rooms due to the reflective nature of the material.

Furthermore, many people are concerned about interior designers exercising their artistic licence. Regardless of how detailed the pre-requisites and demands are; interior designers may have been inclined to add their own distinctive flavour. Even small discrepancies and alterations from the guidelines provided by the homeowner may lead to unsatisfactory results and upset the party who has commissioned the work.

Watching Carol Smillie effortlessly turn homes with no style, personality or charm into beautiful representations of modern living inspired resulting generations to create their own designs. The advent of the internet has opened up different ideas and designs to almost everybody around the world. People can now view other design ideas from people all around the world.

Interior designers now have to reserve their work for larger projects that will be too time-consuming or difficult for the property owner.

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